U.S. Court reveals LIV Golf’s malicious agenda for using PGA suit to gather data on 9/11 families

U.S. Court reveals LIV Golf’s malicious agenda for using PGA suit to gather data on 9/11 families

LIV Golf [Pic Credits: LIV Golf]

LIV Golf already has a bad reputation amongst golf fans for being a breakaway league from the PGA. However, a new revelation has come forward about the Saudi-funded LIV golf for extracting data and building an intelligence file on the 9/11 victims’ families.


This news came into limelight when PGA’s PR firm Clout Public Affairs LLC, accused the golf circuit of using a subpoena filed against them to gather confidential information.

Earlier last month, LIV filed a case against Clout in the U.S. Federal Court in Washington DC to enforce a subpoena for communication and any other information that could be used for anti-trust against LIV’s suit.

LIV Golf is funded by the $676 billion worth of sovereign Saudi fund, which has gained much criticism from the golfing world. Saudi Arabia has been accused of ”sports washing’ to improve its reputation for human rights record.


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LIV Golf accused of stealing information about 9/11 families from the PGA lawsuit

LIV Golf Tour [Credits: Sportscasting]

It came to light on Tuesday, the US Federal Court informed the Clout Public Affairs, the PR firm for PGA, has filed a suit against Saudi-backed LIV. The suit highlights how the subpoena demanded enforcement against PGA is a means to gather information on the 9/11 victims.

In their filing, Clout said, “LIV has brazenly hired a firm in the United States to track and monitor the activities of these 9/11 victims and families, while simultaneously, through the underlying lawsuit, using antit-rust discovery to now sift Clout’s communications with these families, even if they have nothing to do with LIV, golf, or golfers.”

The 9/11 families have protested against LIV since last year and are disappointed with the involvement of several US entities with the golf circuit. Former US President Donald Trump is one of the most famous entities to be involved with LIV golf.. Trump was previously involved with PGA to hold events on his golf courses. However, PGA withdrew all its contracts in 2016. Now, Trump can be seen flirting with the bosses of LIV Golf and is often spotted at major LIV events.

Donald Trump at a LIV event [source: Forbes]

LIV has been accused by several critics, including the 9/11 families, of spreading the agenda of the Saudi Arabia government and for ‘sports washing.’ Sports washing is the phenomenon when countries use sports to improve their reputation. In Saudi Arabia’s case, they are trying to improve their reputation on the world stage against their human rights record. One of the most cited examples of their atrocities is the assassination of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

One of the main contentions between PGA and LIV is for the latter to scour several of PGA’s golfers using lucrative deals and tournament purses. Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson are two top golfers LIV grabbed during their initial days in 2022.

LIV defends its case for the subpoena, saying that PGA hired Clout to run a ‘smear campaign’ against the tour and staging protests by the 9/11 victims at LIV events. However, Clout contends LIV by stating that their subpoena violates First Amendment between Clout and their client. According to Clout, the subpoena would be pointless for communications with the PGA because PGA is already cooperating in covering documents for this anti-trust case.

These differences between the two golfing factions is profoundly impacting the sport as a whole. In the Sentry Tournament of Champions, Jon Rahm and Scottie Scheffler expressed their concerns about young players missing out on the best golf because of this existing schism.


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