‘Candid’ Jordan Love opens up about Packers not having a No.1 wide receiver

Jordan Love praised the Packers’ receiving squad’s flexibility.

‘Candid’ Jordan Love opens up about Packers not having a No.1 wide receiver

Jordan Love (Via Imago)

The Green Bay Packers’ success with quarterbacks is undeniable, but the same can’t be said for their wide receiver corps. And it appears quarterback Jordan Love prefers having an inexperienced squad as he believes having a receiver No. 1 is not unnecessary, especially for him. 

After leading the Packers to a playoff victory in his first season as a starter, Love has been quite in the spotlight lately. He recently went candid while talking about the inexperienced receiving corps of Green Bay, where he does not have a No. 1 target receiver to pair up with like other teams. 

Love stated that he prefers not having that as he does not have to worry about throwing to a specific player on the field. This way, the quarterback is able to spread the ball more often, per the Packers’ official website

I think you don't have to have a No. 1 receiver,” Love told the reporters. “I think it works out well when you can spread the ball out and you got different guys making different plays and you can put 'em in different areas.
Jordan Love said

Though Love said he doesn’t feel the need to have a No. 1 receiver, he also acknowledged that it is more difficult for the defense. Despite that, Love was able to guide the team to a playoff appearance last season.

Jordan Love praises Packers’ receiving squad’s flexibility 

While discussing the Packers’ potential lack of necessity for a wide receiver No. 1, Jordan Love said he believes that if the team were to require one in the future, the current receiving corps can collectively step up to fill that role. He also praised the versatility of the Packers’ receiving squad, noting that any player is capable of playing at any position.

Packers' Jordan Love
Packers’ Jordan Love (Via Imago)
We had different guys injured throughout the season and guys had to move around a little bit, play some different spots that they might not have been used to, so I definitely think that is the case.
Jordan Love said

Moreover, he shared that the Packers strategize their offense by targeting each player with their unique skill set. This approach allows them to find the best players playing in the best possible position which they are meant to.

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