“I’m a little bit selfish,” Liv Morgan appears to have broken up with Bray Wyatt’s brother while confirming her current relationship status

The then-SmackDown Women's Champion is currently without a dating partner.

“I’m a little bit selfish,” Liv Morgan appears to have broken up with Bray Wyatt’s brother while confirming her current relationship status

Liv Morgan and Bray Wyatt [via- Liv Morgan on X and WWE]

Liv Morgan‘s been a mainstay in the top cream of the women’s division in WWE for the past year or so. With great fame comes great inquisitiveness among the fans. And just for the record, the 29-year-old from New Jersey has one of the most passionate fanbases a wrestler could ask for these days. It often leads to a peek into what’s going on in her private life.

Before anyone could speculate, the former Women’s Champion has herself cleared the air on her relationship status. While speaking on Open Thoughts, Liv Morgan confirmed that she’s single. The revelation was made on the heels of her heavily rumored link-up with the late Bray Wyatt‘s brother, Bo Dallas. The latter was believed to have close ties with Morgan. However, with Liv’s latest statement, the two appear to have broken up.

In the aforementioned conversation, the Raw Superstar underscored the importance of having priorities in life. And dating isn’t one of them for her right now, she added. The real-life Gionna Daddio admittedly called herself a tad selfish in that sense and alluded to being reserved when giving her time to someone. In an interesting tidbit, it seems as if Dallas and Morgan had distanced themselves from each other not that long ago.

Right now my priorities are not to date and it’s to be the best I can be. I know I’m a little bit selfish with my time right now and I don’t wanna give you my time and take away from me.
Liv Morgan via Open Thoughts

Recently, the Law and Crime network released bodycam footage of Liv’s mid-December arrest for the possession of marijuana. In the video, the former Riott Sqaud member could be heard calling Bo for helping her get the bail. However, almost half a year has passed since then, and a lot has apparently changed between the two.

Liv Morgan reveals being farted on by her former tag team partner

During her days as a greenhorn on the main roster, Liv Morgan was part of The Riott Squad. And while she was grateful for the run that she had, Liv also disclosed a hilarious occurrence she was made to live with during that stint.

Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan (via WWE)

In the same interview as above, the New Jersey native said she used to be farted on by her own stablemate, Sarah Logan, now Valhalla. Speaking of what lies ahead of Morgan, she’s in for a big one on May 25. At the King and Queen of the Ring PLE in Saudi Arabia, she’d challenge Becky Lynch for the Women’s World Championship.

Liv recently garnered headlines after injuring Rhea Ripley. The latter donned an unhinged persona after relegating Mami to the sidelines. A match between them down the road seems inevitable, with enough vitriol already in place.

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