“Tactics of females and fassymen” – Piers Morgan gets a SAVAGE reply from Andrew Tate after receiving criticism for praising controversial figure Alex Jones

Andrew Tate goes back and forth with Piers Morgan on X defending controversial media personality Alex Jones

“Tactics of females and fassymen” – Piers Morgan gets a SAVAGE reply from Andrew Tate after receiving criticism for praising controversial figure Alex Jones

Andrew Tate argues with Piers Morgan about Alex Jones ( Image via X )

Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan debated on X. It involved Alex Jones‘ character in a social media post. Morgan criticized Tate in the beginning for calling Jones a hero. It led Tate to accuse Morgan of deliberately omitting details to criticize the controversial figure.


The incident involves a heated exchange regarding Alex Jones’ character. Tate asserted that focusing on one flaw while ignoring other positive aspects amounted to lying about a person’s character. In a recent tweet on X (previously known as Twitter), Andrew Tate wrote:

Piers Morgan. When somebody says 99 things right and you only focus on the thing they got wrong. You are lying about that persons character by deliberate OMISSION. This is the tactic of females and fassymen. So pick which one you are.
Andrew Tate via X

Alex Jones is famous as a right-wing American radio host and prominent anti-government conspiracy theorist. He gained notoriety, transitioning from public-access television to national prominence. Known for espousing disturbing conspiracy theories, Jones faced restrictions on major social media platforms due to public pressure.

In 2022, Jones was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion to Sandy Hook families for spreading hoax claims about the tragic event. Meanwhile, Jones framed the accusations as an attack on his right to free speech. Morgan brought up the Sandy Hook incident to criticize Tate for praising Jones. It led Tate to fire back a savage reply to Morgan.


Alex Jones engaged in a heated on-air battle with Piers Morgan on “Piers Morgan Tonight” in 2013. The debate centered around gun control. The debate generated significant social media buzz and featured intense exchanges between the two. Andrew Tate even defended his decision to appear on Alex Jones’ podcast during an interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored. The interview touched on Tate’s views and the dynamics of his association with Jones.

Fans react to Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan’s back-and-forth on X

Andrew Tate is known for his controversial views. He once joined Alex Jones for an infamous interview where the two discussed various topics. The conversation covered controversial views on mental health, as Andrew Tate stirred a Twitter storm by stating that depression is not real.

Andrew Tate Alex Jones
Andrew Tate and Alex Jones ( Image via X )

Now fans react as Andrew Tate defended Alex Jones’ return in an online back and forth with Piers Morgan on X. Here are some of the reactions from the comment sections:

Elon Musk recently reinstated Alex Jones’ Twitter account, a year after previously stating that Jones would remain permanently suspended. The decision to bring back Alex Jones was announced by Musk, who ran a poll on the platform, allowing users to vote on the reinstatement. Despite the controversy surrounding Alex Jones, including past claims about the Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax, Elon Musk welcomed him back on the X platform.


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