WATCH: When Chael Sonnen shamelessly likened Floyd Mayweather’s weak opponents to popstar Rihanna

Chael Sonnen once embarrassingly compared Rihanna's domestic assault to Floyd Mayweather thrashing lower level opponents.

Floyd Mayweather (L), Chael Sonnen (C), Rihanna (R)
Floyd Mayweather (L), Chael Sonnen (C), Rihanna (R)

Chael Sonnen is one smooth trash talker. While he was best known for his time at middleweight in the UFC, Sonnen competed at light heavyweight and heavweight in Bellator.

An accomplished grappler, his highlight reel not only includes some notable submission wins over other famous fighters; but also, reels of him absolutely destroying his opponents beforehand with his witty one-liners.

The trash talk gem that probably stands atop his highlight reel is him saying to Tito Ortiz during their Bellator presser, “The only person that I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife”, which will forever be part of MMA lore.

Another such moment is when Sonnen was asked on a show if he had watched Floyd Mayweather’s fight, to which he replied, “Look, Floyd needs to keep doing what he’s doing, which is fighting complete tomato cans that we’ve never heard of before.

He continued, “I’ve never seen anybody in the history of America get so rich and so famous off of having complete wimps throw a punch at their faces, and I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Well, it’s happened before, what about Rihanna?

When speaking of Rihanna, what Sonnen was getting at what the case of domestic abuse against the popstar, by her boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown. Chael Sonnen later apologized for his inflammatory comments. He likened Rihanna getting assaulted by Chris Brown to Floyd Mayweather easily outclassing opponents with lower skill.

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Floyd Mayweather faces YouTuber Deji in an exhibition bout in November

Floyd Mayweather (L) takes on Deji (R) on 13th November
Floyd Mayweather (L) takes on Deji (R) on 13th of November

An argument can possibly be made for Chael Sonnen’s attack on Floyd Mayweather’s apparent ‘weak’ resume. Although he has fought bonafide stars in Canelo Alvarez, Marcos Maidana, Manny Pacquiao and the UFC’s own Conor McGregor, he also has a bunch of lesser-known pugilists on his record.

Mayweather’s last professional fight came against Conor McGregor in 2017, wherein he extended his unbeaten streak to 50-0. The buildup to the fight was humongous, given McGregor was the newly minted double champion of the featherweight and lightweight division of the UFC, and was possibly the most famous sportsman on the planet (along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo).

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Floyd Mayweather (L) and Conor McGregor (R) touch gloves before their boxing bout in 2017.
Floyd Mayweather (L) and Conor McGregor (R) touch gloves before their boxing bout in 2017.

Since then, Floyd Mayweather has mostly participated in exhibition fights – that, however, is not to say that he has not earned massive heaps of dough in the process. After the win over McGregor, he took on Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore and recently, Mikuru Asakura.

Hardly a month after his latest exhibition, in which he secured a TKO victory over Mikuru Asakura, he is set to return back to the ring. This time he faces British YouTube personality, Deji Olatunji at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, on the 13th of November.

Deji is the younger brother of Britain’s most famous YouTuber, Olajide Olatunji, or simply, KSI. KSI defeated an opponent of Mayweather, Logan Paul, in 2019 via split decision.

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