Bubba Wallace apologizes to Joey Logano for the Darlington run-in, says he ‘doesn’t want to make enemies’ in the playoffs

Bubba Wallace had an incident-filled race at Darlington on his playoff debut.

Bubba Wallace apologizes to Joey Logano for the Darlington run-in, says he ‘doesn’t want to make enemies’ in the playoffs

Bubba Wallace and Joey Logano (Via IMAGO)

Bubba Wallace has apologized to defending Cup champion Joey Logano and Kaulig Racing AJ Allmendinger for his run-ins with them on the track on Sunday. The 23XI Racing driver had an incident with Allmendinger earlier in the race, and later in the race, he made contact with Logano, who was already going through a difficult race.


While talking after the race, the Toyota Camry driver pointed out that he wasn’t happy with how the race turned out for him, and he went in to apologize to the Chevy and Ford drivers. He said that it is important for him not to make enemies during the playoffs. Wallace said that his execution of the whole race was flawed, and he had to get better.

I’m not happy with myself—apologies to Joey (Logano) and apologies to AJ (Allmendinger). I think the important thing to learn here is to not make enemies race one when you’re in the Playoffs because they make it hell, so I deserve everything I got throughout the night. Just did not execute. I’ve got to be better,” Wallace said, as reported by Kickinthetires.net.

Wallace was able to produce a solid race on Sunday, and despite failing to secure a single stage point, he was able to close the gap in the cut-off line by one point.  For Logano, on the other hand, it was a day to forget, and he hopes to get back to the front row from next week at Kansas as he doesn’t have the best point cushion.


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Bubba Wallace appreciates his team for sticking behind him

Bubba Wallce Heavy Metal (1)
Bubba Wallace (Credits: RollingStone)

Wallace started the race on P19 on Sunday after a disappointing qualifying session, and his woes were doubled following the early spin after coming in contact with Logano. He returned to the top five, using the restarts to his advantage as he has done throughout this year. But he failed to hang on the top five as the tire wear slowed him down and finished P7.

Wallace appreciated his team for sticking behind him the whole race despite his mistakes and for helping him to get to the top 10. He hinted that if not for the tire and the solid run Ross Chastain behind him had, he could have kept his position in the top five.

I appreciate the team for sticking behind me through all of the mistakes that I caused them. They didn’t let us down and got us back to a top-10 finish. I was trying to hang on for a top-five, but you’re a double-edged sword. You go really hard at the beginning to try to get a gap or save and you’ve got Ross (Chastain) behind you, and you know he’s not going to let you have any breathing room,” Wallace said.