Chase Elliott labels the Indy Road Course ‘flat and characterless’

Chase Eliott is still chasing his first road course win in the Next-Gen era.

Chase Elliott labels the Indy Road Course ‘flat and characterless’

Chase Elliott (Credits: @SunocoRacing/Twitter)

Hendrick Motorsports driver Chase Elliott had a unique take on the upcoming race at Indianapolis. The 2020 Cup champion, who is known for his road course prowess, named the track one of the hardest ones personally due to its few particular features. Despite the slightly negative connection he has with the track, the No:9 Chevy will be a car to look up to on Sunday.


Having a good outing is vital for Bill Elliott’s son as his Michigan outing last season ended in a disappointing P36 finish in a 37-car field. His chances of making it to the playoff are slim after the result at MIS. A podium or top-five finish will be enough for him ahead of the Watkins Glen Cup race, a track where he has won before. Elliott is chasing that positive momentum at Indy and better his average finish of P7 at the track.  

But the biggest challenge for the third most successful road course racer of the sport, according to him, is the lack of character on the track. He said that the flatness of the track hadn’t yielded the best results for him; hence he finds it more challenging. Elliott pointed out that track deprives him of the opportunity to try something different as it’s very hard to do it in Indy compared to other tracks.

For me personally, I feel like it is one of the harder ones, if not the toughest for me. Most road courses that we go to have a little bit of character at some point, little bit of banking or a little bit of something,” Speedwaydigest.Com quotes Elliott.


That place is just flat. Not really a lot of character to the road itself. Imperfections, bumps. Things like that. Just a very flat road course, which I find challenging because it’s hard to find ways to be different,” Elliott added. 6

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Minimize mistakes and executing is the mantra for the team

Chase Elliott credits @HMS
Chase Elliott (credits @HMS/Twitter)

Alan Gustafson, the No:9 Chevy Camero ZL1 team crew chief, while talking about the team’s plans for Sunday, pointed out they want to minimize mistakes and execute to the best they. He wants Elliott to be in a position to win towards the end of the race.

He said the coming two road course races and the regular season finale at Daytona are three tracks that are great opportunities for him to secure the all-important win. Gustafson claimed that he has a driver in Chase Elliott who can execute and produce wins in tough times for the team.


Our goal is the same as it’s always been. Go out and execute to the best of your ability, minimize mistakes, and be in a position to battle for the win at the end. We have three great opportunities coming up to be able to do that, and Chase (Elliott) is one of the best at being able to tune out all the noise and focus on the task at hand,” Gustafson said.

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