Kevin Harvick urges drivers to take the fight outside the track following Ross Chastain-Noah Gragson clash at Kansas

Kevin Harvick, in his past, has been part of some of the major NASCAR fights in his early Cup days.

Kevin Harvick urges drivers to take the fight outside the track following Ross Chastain-Noah Gragson clash at Kansas

Kevin Harvick

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series’ most senior competitor Kevin Harvick has asked the drivers to be wise regarding clashes. He asks his rivals to take it outside the track. Harvick, in his younger days, had similar clashes with his counterparts, and over the years, he has learned from his experience that it’s always better to avoid fights before starting one.


Harvick explained his point by comparing the Gragson-Chastain fight to the clash between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson from the Vegas playoff race last year. He said that it’s always good to keep the fight outside the track for safety reasons.

I’ve been on both sides of this and probably done it right or wrong. It’s hard to know what is right. It’s like when we had the Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace incident – that’s not really a fair fight. Or you don’t know if Kyle is hurt in that particular incident with all the concussions and things that are happening,” Kevin Harvick said.

Harvick added that the fights are a bit cheap in the present time. He said, “So, as I get older, I think they need to not let it happen. If they want to fight, they can go fight somewhere else. I find myself torn on it. I think in today’s day and age, it almost seems a little cheap,”.


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Veteran Kyle Busch demands hockey rules instead of security quickly stepping in

Kyle Busch Martinsville
Kyle Busch

Unlike Harvick, two times champion Kyle Busch believes that NASCAR should allow such fights to happen. He pointed out that rather than getting involved quickly, NASCAR should allow NHL rules where the ref waits until one of the drivers is down on the ground or gassed out before separating them.

I feel like security stepped in about 10 seconds too quick. You let one guy get a (heck) of a hit, and then you block the other guy from getting a hit back. You’ve got to at least let the guy try and then maybe get in,” Kyle Busch said.

I would seriously urge NASCAR to go with some hockey rules. Once you get to the ground, we’re going to break it up. Or when one of you guys looks gassed, we’re going to break it up. Let them get a good 30 seconds. It’s going to be way better for TV, and ratings are going to go off the charts,” Busch added.