Kyle Busch calls out NASCAR for its HMS bias after William Byron walks free of penalty for spinning Denny Hamlin under caution

Find out about Kyle Busch calling out NASCAR for its bias towards HMS after the Byron-Hamlin clash at Texas.

Kyle Busch
Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch

The Texas Motor Speedway has once again lived up to its notoriety. The first race of Round of 12 was one of the most disappointing and chaotic this season. The low quality of Goodyear tires also contributed to the poor final race product.

William Byron spinning Denny Hamlin, under caution, was involved in one of the many dramatic incidents on Sunday. Byron took revenge on the No:11 driver for a move he made on him earlier. The veteran spun from the back by the HMs youngster to the gravel. The race was under caution for leader Martin Teruex Jr’s crash.  

For some bizarre reason, NASCAR didn’t penalize the younger for his action. The official incharge has attracted criticism from fans and drivers from the NASCAR community. Denny Hamlin’s JGR teammate Kyle Busch took to Twitter to share his distaste. “No penalty for this?! Depends on who you are I see,” Busch Tweeted sharing a snippet of the clash.

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How NASCAR Twitter reacted to Kyle Busch’s comment

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch

William Byron should have been penalized for some track positions. NASCAR should also have allowed Denny Hamlin to get back into the top 5 in the restart. The official’s failure to do the right thing meant fans on Twitter were mostly in support of  Busch’s criticism.

The reaction was mixed from fans on Twitter. Some argued Hamlin deserved to be wrecked for his antics. Some were in disagreement with such comments. They were quick to point out that NASCAR’s favoritism to HMS has always been there in the cup series.

Do you agree with Kyle Busch?

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