Kyle Larson claims that his Road America P3 “was successful for his standards” though he finished way behind the top 2 in terms of speed

Find out what Kyle Larson had to say about his Road America outing and the dominant drive by Chase Elliott and Tyler Reddick

Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson, Tyler Reddick and, Chase Elliott

Last Sunday’s NASCAR event at Wisconsin’s Road America circuit saw Tyler Reddick’s No. 8 vehicle, driven by Richard Childress Racing, take the checkered flag for the first time in 92 Cup Series appearances. Due to their fierce front stretch battle, Tyler Reddick and Chase Elliott finished with a significant advantage over the rest of the field. Tyler Reddick was able to maintain the lead over Elliott for the final 16 laps.

Kyle Larson, the defending cup series champion though finished P3 in the race was just best among the rest considering the fact that he finished way behind Tyler Reddick and Chase Elliott duo in terms of speed. Though Larson’s not being able to match the speed of teammate Chase Elliott in the Road Courses is understandable as the latter is a clear road course expert it must not feel that good for Larson that Tyler Reddick, who hails from the same racing background as him and has limited Cup experience was able to outdrive him.

Kyle Larson entered Sunday’s race after a disappointing finish to his Xfinity outing as he was outdriven by young Ty Gibbs towards the end of the race while he was in lead. Larson in his post-race interview has come forth expressing his thoughts on how the Road America race has been for him and what might have given Tyler Reddick and Chase Elliott the advantage over others at the track.

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Find out what Kyle Larson said

Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson acknowledged that Tyler Reddick and Chase Elliott were really good though out the race and said that though he seemed to be okay early the duo was able to slowly make a gap from him. He went on to say he doesn’t really have any idea of what might have given the advantage but said that might have had a pretty good grip. He acknowledged that they are really good road racers probably better than him and he is happy with the top 3 as he finds it successful for his standards.

“Tyler and Chase were really good throughout the duration of a run. I seemed to be okay early and then would kind of just slowly fade away from them. You know, I don’t really know. felt honestly pretty good, but they must have just had a better grip. They were really good road racers. Honestly probably a little bit better than I am. Yeah, it was a good clean race for us, happy to get a top 3, and yeah, it was successful for my standards,” Kyle Larson said.

Kyle Larson went on to say that there have been a quite lot of first-time winners in 2022, five to be exact, which he finds to be really cool. He went on to say that Tyler Reddick was outside the bubble coming into the week so the win for him is awesome. He added that the win is also special for northern Californian fans as both of them grew up there together racing and added that he knows that  Lowell and Becky Morale will be proud of Reddick’s win.

Yeah, that’s quite a lot of winners, and really cool, a lot of first-time winners. Yeah, Tyler was outside the bubble, I think, coming into this week, and for him to win was awesome. It’s special for the northern California fans out there. Tyler and I grew up racing together on the West Coast, and I know Lowell and Becky Morale will be proud neat, and hats off to him and their team,” Kyle Larson added.

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