“Kyrie Irving will be back soon!”- Steve Nash gives major updates on Kyrie Irving’s Anticiapated Return

Steve Nash gives major updates on Kyrie Irving's return.

Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash
Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash

Kyrie Irving has been dominating the headlines even without stepping on the court. His adamant stance over not getting vaccination “ because he knows what the vaccines are made of and doesn’t want to take it.” His stace obviously to an extend promoted vaccination hesitancy and this scenario isn’t something that the government was happy to see.

The pandemic has severely affected the whole of the human population and if there’s a single ray of hope that guarantees to prolong the human protection against the virus, if not eradicate it completely, then it should be taken.  And, when influential players like Kyrie refused to get vaccinated it caused quite a disruption.

“Vaccination is a choice” agreed but your choice can be a danger to others. So, when NBA didn’t let Kyrie play without vaccination it was somewhere justifiable. Bu he’s finally back.

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Steve Nash- “Kyrie Irving will be back soon!”

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Kyrie Irving will be returning t the Brooklyn Nets but as a part-timer. Since the seasons begin, Kyrie hasn’t played even for a second and now that he’s returning it has given birth to all of consternation.

Kyrie has been gone for long and the Nets have had to learn to manage without him on the roster. He needs time to understand the current team pattern and tactics to get adjusted into the regular playing form.  

The Nets have no option but to bring him back. Who can blame the Nets if they are just trying their best to remain in the title race? Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, and if bringing Kyrie back would push their chances even by little, and then it’s doable for them.

Nets head coach Steve Nash gave major updates on Kyrie Irving’s return, who currently is in NBA’s Health and Safety Protocol.

“It’s hard to say, but I would say probably somewhere between a week and two weeks,” Steve Nash told the reporters.

He further added, “He’s [Kyrie Irving] obviously been isolating so that kind of puts another layer to the ramp-up. It’s not like he’s been working out so probably I’d imagine it’s going to be closer to two weeks once he comes out of protocols. We’ll just have to see how it goes, though, because we have to evaluate him from a physical and performance standpoint and a basketball standpoint as well.”

Well, it might not be a piece of good news for some people who think it is unnecessary to give in to Kyrie’s whole fiasco but the news has surely thrilled the Nets’ fans, who are eagerly waiting to watch the trio of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving charm the court.

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