“F*ck what the old a*s media thinks” Gilbert Arena suggests why the world needs to witness Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in one team

Gilbert Arenas hypes up about wanting to see LeBron James and Kyrie Irving join forces with Kevin Durant creating a super team

Kevin Durant has not been having a great time this off-season. He had a very tough season with the Brooklyn Nets who were the projected title contenders in the Eastern Conference before the season had started. After a having a brief moment of success during the initial games and getting to taste the one number spot in the division, they Nets caved to the pressure that unfolded behind the scenes.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving was that pressure. His absence was the biggest injury to the roster itself which drove away James Harden who happens to be ring-less. Recently, KD also signed a four-year extension worth $198 million valid through the 2025-26 season. What surprised the whole world was him requesting a trade shortly after Irving signed a one-year $36.5 million extension. NBA insiders revealed that the Phoenix Suns are a potential destination for him while others teams such as the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors are also looking forward to the trade.

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Kevin Durant remains un-traded after several contract signings take place

Rudy Gobert
Rudy Gobert

Over the last few days, several players have either been traded or signed to an extension. Recently, Rudy Gobert was traded from the Utah Jazz after almost completing a decade of service the team. He will appear as a Minnesota Timberwolves player next season. Many people have trolled Durant for not being signed yet despite having the biggest name on the trade list.

Since he is on a hefty contract, teams will have to forfeit several players or picks in order to create a big enough cap space to acquire him. The question is where? The Suns had a small issue regarding Deandre Ayton’s contract. The former number one overall pick expected an extension but only received a one-year deal. This shows that he might be a potential trade option involving another player like Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder or maybe even Cameron Payne. They will have to chip in a couple of future draft picks too.

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Gilbert Arenas wants to see an Irving-Durant-LeBron super team

Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas had a very different approach to what he wants to see happen this off-season. While the rest of the world to see the best compete against the best, Arenas wants a super team of Kevin Durant playing alongside Irving and LeBron James. He said, “Fellas, who cares what the media thinks? This is not about them.”

“Imagine Michael Jackson and Prince doing a collab, right? That’s what the world missed. They put them two as the biggest rivals and because they wanted to be the best, they never collabed for a song. So imagine what kind of music that we just missed on… I don’t care what nobody gon say, they gon be watching those games. So LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie do what you gotta do.”

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