NBA Veteran Jason Williams BAMBOOZLES Celebrity comedian Andrew Schulz with insane card tricks

Jason Williams impressed everyone with a card trick on Andrew Schulz's podcast.

NBA Veteran Jason Williams BAMBOOZLES Celebrity comedian Andrew Schulz with insane card tricks

Jason Williams surprises Andrew Schulz and others on FLAGRANT podcast. (Screengrab from YouTube)

Jason Williams, the only White chocolate and former Memphis Grizzlies player, surprised everyone with his magic trick. Jason appeared on the “Flagrant” podcast with comedian Andrew Schulz. Andrew is an American stand-up comedian and does this show with his fellow mates Akash Singh and other members. It was a more than 3 hour-long podcast where they talked about many things like Lebron vs Jordon and Dwight Howard gay rumors.


The fun part starts when one podcaster asks Jason about magic and his interest in it since the NBA veteran is known to love magic. Subsequently replied by saying he loves card magic and he loves to be a magician. Which opens the court for Andrew Schulz and his mates to ask Jason to show one of his magic tricks. He even talked about Rick Barnes who he said was also a magician back in the day.

Jason said:

I love magic, Rick Barnes back to providence day was a magician he had some tricks like pulling a quarter out of my ear type Sh*t and I don't even know how did that. I was just you know like, I like card tricks and things like that. I'd love to be a magician. 

After this one of the podcaster took out a card of decks and gave it to Jason.


Jason performed some basic yet famous card magic trick which was marked card. He played the trick with Andrew where on the first try he did the magic with ease and Andrew seemed confused. For the second time too he did that trick and played Andrew. We all know Jason loves magic tricks, especially card tricks and by seeing this side of him people enjoyed every bit of the podcast.

Jason Williams discussed Dwight Howard’s gay rumors

The podcast was of various topics but one of the most interesting topics got the limelight which is Dwight Howard’s gay rumors. Although he didn’t reveal or just say something about his sexuality. He did not, however, include Dwight Howard, in that group. There have been recent rumors regarding Howard’s sexual orientation. After a man sued him for alleged sexual assault, some were suspicious of the former Magic star’s sexuality.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams on FLAGRANT (screengrab YT)

Jason appeared to give a bit clue by saying

There probably are gay players in the NBA. There are probably gay players in all sports. Hey look, when I played with him in Orlando bro I never got that vibe. He was one of the most dominant basketball players ever.

Jason Williams did state that he was fine with gay people. He added that even if Dwight Howard was gay, he didn’t bother him. He complimented his basketball abilities. Williams did provide some additional context on the potential impact of a gay player on an NBA locker room. He minimized the drawbacks of the possible situation.


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