“Before you succeed, you must first learn to fail” Shaquille O’Neal recalled wise words of ‘fraternity brother’ Michael Jordan that INSPIRED him to win

“Before you succeed, you must first learn to fail” Shaquille O’Neal recalled wise words of ‘fraternity brother’ Michael Jordan that INSPIRED him to win

Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the biggest success stories in the NBA itself. Although it may not seem like he attained any difficulty in winning, before he won his first titles, he was a sore loser in the eyes of his peers. Shaq knew the notion being circulated about him around the league. He was very quick to earn their respect by simply doing what he knew best.

The 1999-2000 season had experienced the Big Diesel riding to redemption. He alongside Kobe Bryant were title bound and unstoppable at all costs. In an interview with FAIR GAME’s Kristine Leahy, Shaq recalled when 6x champion Michael Jordan said, “Before you succeed, you must first learn to fail.” These were words spoken to him by his “fraternity brother” before he joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

Shaq’s first couple of seasons were a complete letdown as the Lakers continued to lose. Eventually, during the 1999 season, Phil Jackson entered the picture. The center described head coach Jackson as the “general” they needed to dictate the narrative of the Lakers.

Los Angeles was an instant success as Shaquille O’Neal turned around a new corner to help Kobe lead them to their first title the following season. They managed to three-peat and O’Neal won league MVP by that time. It seemed as though Jordan’s words resonated with Shaq in the future. The pressure he felt with all of his peers looking down on him as a no-show eventually lit the fire inside of him to play harder.

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Shaquille O’Neal is currently one of the richest NBA players in the world just like Michael Jordan

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal IMAGO/AAP

Shaquille O’Neal’s career came to an end in 2011 but this marked the beginning of his incredible television stint. Following retirement, he blasted onto the sports entertainment scene alongside Charles Barkley. Shaq began testing the waves in the music world and ventured out into the business realm.

He is currently worth $400 which ranks him as one of the richest NBA players ever. But MJ, on the other hand, is a billionaire. Even though reaching billionaire status might take a long time, Shaquille O’Neal always comes forth to help the people around him no matter where he is.

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