“Those kids are the reason he’s had the GOAT life” Twitter reacts to Michael Jordan denying the request of fans for an autograph

Fans reacts as Michael Jordan gets accused of denying fans an autograph near his car

Michael Jordan is someone how can make heads turn in an instant be on the road, in the streets or anywhere. He has had a very impactful career influencing several young athletes around the world even outside of the sport of basketball. His hard work and attitude towards reaching his goal always paid off while making people around him work to get to his level. Yes, his level.

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John Salley and Michael Jordan

MJ finished off his career as a six-time NBA champion with all of them being earned during his time with the Chicago Bulls. Along with several All-NBA selections and All-Star selections, the favored to be GOAT averaged a career of 30.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game. His name is a constant in the GOAT debate and is still an active part of it two decades later.

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Michael Jordan gets slammed for ignoring young fans who wanted an autograph

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

A video surfaced the internet which garnered a lot of hate from numerous around the world of basketball. The video showed Michael Jordan being requested to take a picture and gives to two children. Jordan waved toward the kids before walking into his car and leaving. It is unclear whether he stopped after the exchange to give the children what they wanted, but fans were battled in their response.

Former NFL player, Torrey Smith defended his fellow sports figure saying, “Folks are flaming Jordan but the man was leaving his crib. Could he have been a little nicer? Maybe, but folks need to respect boundaries. This was at his condo for those who think they know everything. The kids weren’t wrong for being excited about seeing their hero. They just need to know waiting out front of someone’s house isn’t appropriate.”

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Fans react to Michael Jordan denying to give fans an autograph

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of three billionaires in the field of sports alongside LeBron James and Tiger Woods. He may have been in a hurry to get somewhere which would have made sense as many athletes tend to do it at times. Fans were not too understanding and took their sides against the GOAT. Here are a couple of reactions.

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