“Motherf***ers getting diarrhea out their mouth” – Heat legend BRUTALLY SLAMS Paul Pierce for DISSING Dwyane Wade

Udonis Haslem's comment with reference to Paul Pierce's recent controversial takes on podcasts.

“Motherf***ers getting diarrhea out their mouth” – Heat legend BRUTALLY SLAMS Paul Pierce for DISSING Dwyane Wade

From left: Udonis Haslem, Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade (Images via Getty Images)

Former Boston Celtics legend, Paul Pierce, seems to be formulating a controversy whenever he steps on a mic at any podcast. Recently too, on the ‘It is What it is’ podcast, he claimed that he was a better player than Dwyane Wade. According to Pierce, Wade just had better teammates because of which he shined and argued that Wade’s game was not on par with his own.

Udonis Haslem was not going to have this and burst out in the Instagram comments of the video from the mentioned podcast. “These podcast have muhf***as getting diarrhea out the mouth!!!!” Paul Pierce is really something on podcasts, as he keeps making comments which hurt someone or the other.


Recently, Pierce made comments on Nikola Jokic not being in the top 5 passers category, which made a lot of people furious. Like this, he has been making headlines now and then, whether it be Chris Paul suffering mentally during the season or Damian Lillard being worse with the Heats.

While Paul later clarified that his intention was not to disrespect Wade but the damage was done as the clip went viral and Udonis Haslem commented, seemingly unhappy. Haslem played with Wade for 15 seasons at the Heat and was unhappy at Paul for disrespecting his ex-teammate.

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How does Paul Pierce compare to Dwyane Wade?

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Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade (images via Getty Images)

Paul’s main arguments revolved around how Dwyane Wade had a much better team and that is why he won so many titles and had a good record. He said, “For a long time, my skills went unappreciated because I didn’t get to play with a lot of great players…Four years earlier, you put me, Ray, and KG together, you think we’re not walking away with three ‘ships?”

Pierce too had his own superteam in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, in the late 2000s. Winning just one championship, Pierce’s Celtics didn’t have luck on their side. Acknowledging that they were much past their primes when the three got together, he gives an explanation on why he couldn’t win any more rings. “Who’s the better three-point shooter? Is he a better scorer? He averaged more points than me career. I can shoot the three, mid-range [and] I can post up. I can get to the [free throw] line. … Just break it down!”

The only area where Pierce objectively is better than Wade is three-point shooting where he scored 36.8% for his career compared to 29.3% for Wade, and rebounding, 5.6 RPG to 4.7 RPG. At everything else, Wade was BETTER. Attaching some merit to the arguments might not seem like Paul Pierce’s cup of tea and that is why Udonis highlighted it.


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