“The Warriors would have paraded the Cavaliers”- Skip Bayless on LeBron James wouldn’t have his Ring if Green were present in 2016 NBA Finals

Skip Bayless, once again has things to say about LeBron James.

The Skip Bayless dartboard has rotated, and once again it stopped on Lakers’ key player LeBron James. Bayless has been pretty busy with throwing shade at LeBron at every given opportunity and can link things all the way to the four times MVP.

James’ plate this season is quite full. From his injuries to getting hate for the Nike deal, inconsistent performance to having an unproductive roster, James has a lot to deal with.

The LA Lakers aren’t putting up performances that they were expected to showcase and this clearly has placed the whole roster in the circle of a question mark. And, if on above that Sports analyst like Skip Bayless dig up unnecessary topics for the sake of views then things become chaotic.

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Skip Bayless takes another jab at LeBron James

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Dwelling over past events is wanted Skip Bayless loves to do and that is what he has been doing on the recent episode of ESPN’s Undisputed when he dug up the 2016 NBA Finals.

The 2016 NBA Championship Finals was played between Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers ended their 52-year Championship drought when they beat the Warriors in a series of 7 games by 4-3.

The Warriors started strong with two consecutive wins but the Cavaliers manages to turn the tables for themselves I the game3. But unable to keep the momentum, the Cavaliers gave the Warriors the 3-1 lead. Things just didn’t go smoothly for the Warriors even though they were leading the series as Draymond Green earned himself a suspension when he collided with LeBron James that was deemed as “unnecessary contact with a retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin.”

Now, Skip Bayless has been caught up in the ifs and buts cycle as he questions the credibility of Cavaliers and LeBron James to have earned that year’s NBA Championship if Draymond Green were to be present in Game 5.

He said, “I promise you [Shannon Sharpe] if Draymond played in game 5 at the Oracle Arena, then the Warriors would have paraded the Cavaliers.”

Though with Draymond’s return in Game 6 there wasn’t much as the Warriors still lost to the Cavaliers equalizing the series to 3-3 becoming the first team in NBA Finals history to blow a 3-1 series lead.

History is unchangeable as it has already been done and dusted so revisiting it is of no use but not for Skip Bayless. Anything that can e traced back to LeBron James becomes the headline and Skip Bayless is a master at that.

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