“You can’t trade him,” 49ers TE George Kittle gives his verdict on teammate Deebo Samuel’s contractual problems with the franchise

Check out what George Kittle had to say about Deebo Samuel's current standoff with the San Francisco 49ers.

Deebo Samuel and George Kittle

The biggest question surrounding everyone at the San Francisco 49ers since the start of the offseason has been the contractual situation of their premier wide receiver Deebo Samuel. The 26-year-old, who is in his final year of contract had openly claimed that he wanted to leave the franchise and had officially handed in a trade request, which the 49ers did not pay heed to.

Samuel’s teammate George Kittle also knows a thing or two about such standoffs, after he successfully bagged a deal from the franchise a couple of seasons ago to make him the highest-paid player in his position. Kittle recently appeared on the podcast named Bussin With the Boys, where he was quizzed on his thoughts about Deebo Samuel’s contractual situation.

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George Kittle laid out a few options that Deebo Samuel and the 49ers have to get the contractual situation fixed

Deebo Samuel
Deebo Samuel

George Kittle tried to elucidate a few options that the franchise and Samuel can opt for in the coming days, as the NFL season gets closer and closer. However, Kittle ruled out the possibility of Samuel getting traded out at this point because he feels the franchise will have no incentive to do such a thing this late in the offseason.

“What’s gonna happen, and this is me not knowing anything, Deebo’s got another year on his contract left regardless, right? Assuming he’s not gonna sit out, that’s a lot of money,” George Kittle said.

George Kittle also claimed that the 49ers have a history of making major contracts getting done very close to the start of the season, and although he did not guarantee the same thing in this instance, he did not rule out the possibility of that happening for Deebo Samuel cometh the start of the season.

Kittle continued, “So he’s either gonna play this year as a Niner with one year left on his deal, or he’s gonna get a contract extension. At this point, you can’t even trade him. What’re you gonna trade him for, a first-round pick in next year’s draft? That doesn’t help us this year. Like, come on, you can’t trade for future picks. Not right now. So that window’s kind of closed.”

“And something crazy could happen,” Kittle said. “I could be eating my words in two weeks, but the Niners have done every major contract – mine, Fred Warners’ – the week before the season started. So, my guess is within three weeks we’ll hear news of it. But I have no idea.”

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