Chiefs fanatic Nick Wright admits to liking Jalen Hurts-led Eagles after 10-1 start to the season

So far, the Eagles have the best win record this season.

Chiefs fanatic Nick Wright admits to liking Jalen Hurts-led Eagles after 10-1 start to the season

Nick Wright and Jalen Hurts (Via Fox and Imago)

The Philadelphia Eagles are having a feast on the turf this season. They have won 10 of their 11 games this year and are ahead of rest of the league teams. Their latest victory came against the Buffalo Bills 37-34 on Sunday. It was a stellar comeback drive from the Eagles’ as they came back from a 7-17 deficit. The third and fourth quarters proved to be handy to enforce the OT, and the Eagles emerged victorious.


And now the latest victory against the Bills made Nick Wright, the analyst of the show ‘First Things First,’ fall in love with the Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Everyone aware of Wright knows that he is a fanatic of the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.

The analyst has always raised a toast for the Chiefs QB irrespective of the results. Hence, the NFL enthusiasts were a bit surprised to see Nick Wright praising any other QB apart from Mahomes.

I did not even get to the part that I like the most which is their quarterback who carries himself with such real confidence. That absolutely permeates the team. 

Then he focussed on how the Eagles came back in the last three games despite being outplayed on the turf. It was Jalen Hurts who led the comeback drive in all three games.


Wright said the perfect thing. The impact of Jalen Hurts was visible in all three matches. He was clinical against the Buffalo Bills with both rushing and passing plays. It was some moments of individual brilliance that marked a difference between the two teams.

Nick Wright showers heavy praise on HC Nick Sirianni

Taking a drastic shift from his Chiefs fanboyism, the analyst also praised the Philadelphia Eagles for the way they handled pressure and won three games. Wright said the team got outplayed against the likes of the Cowboys, Chiefs, and the Bills. However, they kept hold of their nerves and came back staunchly.

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni (Via SI)
 I know it is gonna surprise some of you people. It is hard to say because they talk so much trash. I like this Eagles team a lot man. They have the best with respect to Dermontti Dawson---(and) the best center I have seen. They have a GM who is forward-thinking, super sharp, and cutting-edge.

Wright also grudgingly gave flowers to Eagles HC Nick Sirianni for his work.

The kink in the armor of me actually really liking the team, I find the coach incredibly irritating but while I do not believe wins are quarterbacks stats wins are definitely coach's stats. 

With the victory against the Bills, the Eagles registered their 10th win this season. They have strengthened their top position in the NFC Conference. They hope to enter the playoffs as the top seed.

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