Dan Orlovsky claims the Steelers firing OC Matt Canada speaks volumes about their belief in QB Kenny Pickett

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky shared his fiery take in the ESPN show Get Up.

Dan Orlovsky claims the Steelers firing OC Matt Canada speaks volumes about their belief in QB Kenny Pickett

Matt Canada (L) and Kenny Pickett (R) (Images via ESPN)

Just a few days ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced their decision to part ways with their offensive coordinator Matt Canada following a tough stretch of offensive struggles in the ongoing season. Amidst this, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky makes a bold claim that Pittsburgh firing Matt Canada indicates that the Steelers have a lot of confidence in their second-year QB Kenny Pickett.

Kenny Pickett has been given nothing to work with when it comes to scheme so to sit here and say he's on the chopping block, I would disagree with that. I actually think that the decision to fire Matt Canada is a sign that this organization truly does believe in Kenny Pickett.
Orlovsky said on the ESPN show GetUp.

The former Detroit Lions quarterback believes that Pittsburgh-based football team chose Pickett over Canada amidst their constant offensive struggles. He also gave Pickett a couple of points on how to improve his game now that his offensive coordinator has been let go of his duties.

Two things that Kenny Pickett has to do over this next six weeks. One, stop running away from clean pockets. I think part of that is the way that he's been coached in many ways, be risk averse.

Dan Orlovsky also wanted Pickett to take more risks downfield and attempt more big throws instead of dumping everything within 5 yards. The ESPN analyst believes Kenny Pickett hasn’t been told to take any risks by his play callers. Many believe that now, the second-year quarterback will have more freedom to make big-time plays with the help of his wide receiver corps.

Kenny Pickett takes Matt Canada’s firing ‘personally’

A few days ago the Steelers fired their offensive coordinator Matt Canada following his tenure of just over two and a half seasons. And now, Pickett claims that he takes the firing of Canada personally.

Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett (Image via SI)

Pickett said that he has to take this firing personally since Canada has been here since he got drafted back in 2022. The Pittsburgh product was drafted by the Steelers in the first round of the 2022 draft.


Pickett sat behind Mitchell Trubisky for some games before eventually taking over the starting quarterback role. He had an average rookie campaign last season.

But, he hasn’t shown any improvement during his second season. Now, he has six more games to show his potential and prove his worth as a starting signal-caller. He will look to have a big game against the Cincinnati Bengals, who the Steelers are scheduled to face in their week 12 matchup this weekend.

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