“It’s not enough to slow down these weapons in this division”: K.J Wright predicts the Broncos will finish at the bottom of the AFC West

Former Seahawks linebacker believes that the Denver Broncos are overrated and that they will finish last in the AFC West

Russell Wilson

This year, the NFL offseason was nothing short of exciting, it had all of us on the edge of our seats. The new teams look more different than ever with different players on the rosters. More than any team, the Denver Broncos are probably the only organization waiting to start the season more eagerly than others. The team got Russell Wilson from the Seahawks, it solidified the defensive lineup by getting Randy Gregory and D.J from the San Francisco 49ers.

However, just because a team looks good on paper and is immensely talented does not mean that it has to be that way in reality. We have seen many talented rosters assembled in the league in the last couple of years fail miserably as sometimes, things just do not click. Former Seattle Seahawks LB K.J Wright thinks that the hype around the new Denver Broncos will be short-lived.

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“You got to look outside of the quarterbacks, what’s on the other side of the ball”: K.J Wright on the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos
K.J Wright believes that the Broncos will finish last in the AFC West

The Broncos have established themselves as potential Super Bowl contenders as they have every position covered. The majority of analysts believe that they will make it out of the AFC West at any cost considering that Kansas City is now short-handed without Tyrann Matthieu and Tyreek Hill.

However, Russell Wilson’s former teammate and linebacker K.J. Wright does not think so, he believes the Broncos will finish at the bottom of the division. He predicts the Raiders will place first, Chargers seconds, and Chiefs third. In all honesty, that just seems like a bad list. Granted the Raiders got Davante Adams but at the same time, he is not the solution to all of their problems. Justin Herbert and the Chargers with Khalil Mack are a force to be reckoned with but putting them above Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs at this juncture is a bit too far of a stretch. Keep in mind all of this is only if Wilson and the Broncos end up playing horribly, when I say horrible I mean football similar to Bishop Sycamore.

Wright told USA Today, “You got to look at it from a holistic standpoint, you got to look outside of the quarterbacks, what’s on the other side of the ball, what’s on defense, I believe the Broncos have some pieces but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to slow down these weapons in this division. It’s going to be tight, but only three are going to make it.”

Denver has had no issues in terms of defense but the quarterback position has not been solid since Peyton Manning hung up his cleats. With Wilson at the helm, the situation is much different now.

If we are to go by Vegas sporting books, the Caesars Sportsbook believes that the Raiders will finish in the fourth place while the Chiefs are expected to win it. The Broncos are second and the Chargers are third in the division.

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