Florida State looking to leave ACC for Big10 conference following playoff snub despite a perfect 13-0 season

FSU stands to earn more by shifting to the SEC or Big Ten Conferences.

Florida State looking to leave ACC for Big10 conference following playoff snub despite a perfect 13-0 season

Florida State Seminoles (via Tomahawknation)

The Florida State Seminoles are taking their rejection by the College Football Playoff committee pretty seriously. The team has threatened to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) after nearly 33 years of being affiliated with it. The reason for the team leaving the conference is not related to the playoffs, the team is considering switching to greener pastures because of the financial constraints it is facing in the ACC.

Right now, the Conference is lagging behind both the SEC and the Big Ten in terms of payout to its members. As per The Athletic, the ACC reported $578.3 million in revenue for 2020-21 season and distributed an average of $36.1 million per member school. The SEC on the other hand made $833.4 million and distributed an estimated $54.6 million per school while the Big Ten made $679.8 million and paid $47.9 million per school.


FSU’s Board of Trustees came out with a public threat to leave the conference back in August but this time around they mean it. Florida State’s leadership is now making a second attempt to leave the ACC and have scheduled a meeting for the 31st of January in order to take a final call on this issue.

Florida State University is unhappy with the revenue sharing model in the ACC

The Florida State Seminoles would have to choose between the SEC and the Big 10 conferences respectively. The team is not likely to shift to the SEC owing to its supposed involvement in the CFP collusion scandal wherein it is being alleged that ESPN influenced the CFP to vote in favor of SEC teams.

Florida State University 2
Florida State University (via CNN)

In addition to this, the SEC is not too keen on having the Seminoles be a part of it, the conference is eyeing the University of Virginia and the University of North Carolina as it is interested in them being members. However, the Big 10 on the other hand is not entirely against the idea of having the Seminoles be a part of their conference. It would be the best option for the team as they would benefit by $40 million in comparison to their existing financial situation in the ACC.


The ACC on the other hand is also attempting to formulate a plan to allow schools to earn more money generated from their own postseason performances. It’s board of directors have come up with a “success incentive initiative” and is aiming to implement it in the next season. It is no secret that the ACC is significantly behind the Big Ten and the SEC despite having earned a record high amount in the previous season.

FSU would face another hurdle if it decides to leave the ACC, the 2016 media deal signed by the conference with ESPN gives the league the right to control media rights for any school that intends to leave in the duration of the contract.

This would negatively impact the school’s revenue generated via media. The meeting on 31st January will decide what the future holds for FSU across college football, basketball, and other sports.


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