“Decisive, efficient, and fearless”: Pittsburgh Steelers have a BRIGHT future ahead as rookie QB Kenny Pickett shines in the loss against the Jets

Despite losing to the New York Jets, the Pittsburgh Steelers saw a ray of hope when rookie QB Kenny Pickett finally got a chance to play.

Kenny Pickett playing for the steelers.
Kenny Pickett playing for the Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers played their 4th game of the season against the New York Jets today, they may have lost the battle 24-20 today but the fans of the organization and Head Coach Mike Tomlin have the feeling that they have won the war as the team’s rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett played his first regular season game in the NFL and he impressed us all with his performance.

Kenny Pickett was thrust into the game in the second half of the game, Mitch Trubisky was benched by Tomlin after the offense had a dismal performance in the first half, with just eight first downs in seven possessions and no trips to the red zone, the offense was just disappointing. Despite being put into the game at such a crucial time, Pickett looked as calm and composed as a cucumber.

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Kenny Pickett’s first throw in the NFL was an interception:

Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett stepped into the game and his first play was intercepted, not the best start for any quarterback at any stage of their career. This was enough reason for the rookie to be shaken and begin to make more mistakes but no, Pickett maintained his composure and began to show us why he deserved to be the undoubted starter in Pittsburgh.

Pickett had no passing touchdowns and went on to end the game with 3 total interceptions but what he did today, we have not seen any Steelers quarterback do in a long time, he ended the game with 2 rushing touchdowns, when was the last time we saw a quarterback that could run in Pittsburgh? This season, the playoff may be out of the picture for the Steelers but if anything, they have a great opportunity to give Pickett all the playing time he needs to ensure his growth. Take a look at how fans reacted to his debut.

Much needed breath of fresh air.

He could have won the game had he started.

How can one not love this man?


That’s a violation but still better than Mitch Trubisky.

Not Steelers history, NFL history!

I see no lies here.

We need a petition to convince Mike Tomlin to make this change.

A long way to go but he has gotten off the right foot. Keep in mind he is still a rookie but Mitchell Trubisky is a seasoned quarterback, Pickett outplayed him and how can you expect him to be perfect right out the gates? The Steelers may have gotten their next future quarterback!

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