Nick Wright BAFFLED by Brock Purdy’s name being tossed into the MVP conversation ‘once again’ after his 315 yards performance against the Bucs

Purdy has come back to his form after having a much-needed bye week.

Nick Wright BAFFLED by Brock Purdy’s name being tossed into the MVP conversation ‘once again’ after his 315 yards performance against the Bucs

Brock Purdy and Nick Wright (via Imago)

After a few poor performances in a row, Brock Purdy has once again found his name back on the MVP list. It was his heroism that helped him to float himself among the award winners. In a close encounter between the San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 11, Purdy emerged as the difference maker with three touchdowns for 333 yards of passing. In addition to this, the QB completed 21 of his 25 passes.

After his stellar performance on the turf, the sports-based media platform The Athletic hailed him as one of the frontrunners for the MVP award this season. David Lombardi and Larry Holder gave all their flowers to the QB and implied he could win this year’s MVP award.


This continuous appreciation of Purdy as a possible frontrunner for the MVP award has made someone angry. Nick Wright, the Fox Sports analyst, is not happy with Purdy’s name and is once again considered for the MVP award. Sharing the post by The Athletic, via his X account, the analyst wrote,

I cannot believe we are going to do this TWO separate times IN THE SAME SEASON.

Wright is not happy with Purdy. Known for his never-ending love for the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, he ridiculed all the MVP talks that were circling around Purdy in the first half of the season. He had all sorts of criticisms against Purdy and denied any possibility of him winning the most precious awards for NFL players.

Brock Purdy would like to have a redemption

The performance of Brock Purdy in the ongoing season can be divided into two phases. In the first phase, he provided one of the finest individual performances that any QB could provide. The QB went for nine touchdowns without an interception in his first five games. His best came against the Dallas Cowboys, where he threw four TDs in a single game.


However, that dream run suffered a major halt as the 49ers lost three consecutive games in a row after that. It all started with the Cleveland Browns game, where Purdy had one of the worst performances in his life (44.4% pass completion for 125 yards for the first interception of the season). His later stints marked multiple continuous interceptions.

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy (Via Imago)

After a few bad stints, Purdy and San Francisco had a bye week, and he utilized that in full swing. The QB played two games after the bye week and registered six touchdowns. Since the Bengals game, Purdy is again going interception-less and has triggered the MVP debate.

Presently, Purdy is standing at the top among quarterbacks. The league has a few more regular weeks’ plays to go, and it is to be seen whether he makes it to the MVP final list.


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