Rashee Rice flaunts Patrick Mahomes’ ‘dad bod’ shirt as Chiefs players kick-start their offseason workouts

Rice, Brown and Mahomes prepared for their championship defense by hitting the gym together for the first time on Wednesday.

Rashee Rice flaunts Patrick Mahomes’ ‘dad bod’ shirt as Chiefs players kick-start their offseason workouts

Rashee Rice flaunts that Patrick Mahomes 'dad bod' t-shirt during gym time (Image via IMAGO)

There is no rest for the champions. It has only been a little over two months since Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice lifted the Lombardi Trophy, and they are back at the gym, preparing for the OTAs.

However, there was a surprise waiting for Mahomes at the gym. Rashee Rice brought out the big guns when he showed up to sweat some buckets. The Super Bowl LVIII MVP noticed that the second-year wide receiver was wearing a t-shirt printed with his now-infamous ‘dad bod’. 

After winning the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Mahomes gave a thank-you speech to his fellow Chiefs teammates. For the entire duration of his monologue, he was bare-chested. That’s nothing out of the ordinary; until fans noticed Mahomes sporting a slight gut.

Usually, the quarterbacks aren’t known for their muscular build, unlike the linebackers or running backs. Being the father of two [Sterling and Bronze], his physique received the title of ‘dad bod.’ Fortunately, the 28-year-old had his own dad to cover for him.

Hollywood Brown joined Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs became champions, they had to go through some rough patches in 2023. Rice was the shining light, catching 79 passes for more than 930 yards and seven touchdowns. Other receivers couldn’t come close to his numbers. On top of that, they had accumulated 41 dropped passes (the most in the league). 

Rashee Rice flaunts Patrick Mahomes' 'dad bod' shirt as Chiefs players kick-start their offseason workouts
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) and wide receiver Rashee Rice (4) (Image via IMAGO)

To answer their problems and lower the load on Rice’s shoulders, the Chiefs signed Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown from the Arizona Cardinals. Brown signed a ‘prove it’ one-year, $11 million contract. He caught up with Mahomes and Rice in the gym and had a blast working out.

The former Sooner is on the hunt to relive his Baltimore Ravens days, aiming to record similar 1000+ yards in Chiefs colors. Following his signing, Brown claimed it was a great opportunity to receive passes from Patrick Mahomes.

Brown said per Sports Illustrated:

You want to play with somebody who’s going to bring the best out of you and who’s going to push your game to the next level. I feel like he’s [Patrick Mahomes] definitely one of those type of guys. The deep arm talent speaks for itself. 
Hollywood Brown said

The 26-year-old would have no shortage of service from Mahomes. If he succeeds in returning five touchdowns, then there will be a bonus of $500,000, escalating to $1 million for his seventh. The good news is that, unlike his brother, Travis Kelce has been sticking around for a year or two. He, like every Chiefs player, wants the team to achieve the unpredicted three-peat.

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