“He is the real deal!” Richard Sherman claims C.J. Stroud is the main reason the Texans are overachieving this season

The Texans are currently third in AFC South with 6 wins and 5 losses.

“He is the real deal!” Richard Sherman claims C.J. Stroud is the main reason the Texans are overachieving this season

Richard Sherman and C.J Stroud (via X.com and NFL)

The C.J. Stroud magic is on. After heroics against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cincinnati Bengals, the rookie quarterback again proved himself against the Jacksonville Jaguars. By covering more than 300 yards with two touchdowns, he could have emerged as the difference-maker between the Texans and the Jaguars. However, the win did not happen. The Jaguars outplayed the Texans. Nonetheless, his performance was enough to earn flowers from the analysts.

In the recent episode of Undisputed, Richard Sherman gave all the credit to the quarterback for the success of the Houston Texans. He said that the Texans are going to achieve a lot this season. This would surpass their expectations. They would be the ‘over-achievers’ this season.


The former player and the present-day analyst said.

They have a lot to improve but I think they are overachieving this season. Their quarterback is the big reason. Their record is what it is. They are winning games that they were supposed to win. He's the reason they have got a chance in the ball game. He has done everything he can. He has got 19 touchdowns, six interceptions, and over 3000 yards passing. He is the real deal. Going forward he is gonna be a pro. He is gonna be one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL. 

There is hardly a doubt that the former Ohio State man has created a ruckus in the NFL arena with his brilliance. With time, he is improving himself and also helping his team to eye big for the season. Though they are presently standing in the third position in the AFC South division. However, if the team manages to turn the tables in the coming games then they have hope for their postseason. They will strive for more wins in the coming games.


The Jaguars emerged victorious over the Texans in a closely contested game

The battle between the Jaguars and the Texans can also be called a battle between the two quarterbacks. Both stars performed well, however, Trevor Lawrence had the last smile.

Lawrence had 364 passing yards with one touchdown and an interception. Individually, Stroud outplayed him with less passing but more rushing yards. Nonetheless, that was not enough to seal the victory in favor of his team. The Jaguars emerged victorious as the rest of the players outplayed the Texans.

CJ Stroud
CJ Stroud (Via Imago)

With a crucial victory over the Texans, the Jaguars moved on to an 8-3 record. Their dreams for the playoffs are rising high.


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