Richard Sherman claims the Ravens’ fragile offense led by Lamar Jackson may cost them games against good teams

The Baltimore Ravens are 8-3 after week 12 this season.

Richard Sherman claims the Ravens’ fragile offense led by Lamar Jackson may cost them games against good teams

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Analyst Richard Sherman does not have a pleasant opinion about the Baltimore Ravens offense led by Lamar Jackson. Despite liking the defense, the analyst believes that the Ravens’ offense can lead them to trouble in big games if they fail to make some changes.

In the recent episode of the show Undisputed, the former CB and the present-day analyst added that the Ravens offense often looks scattered. There are some fragile issues that they need to improve.

No question, Mike MacDonald has done a great job with these guys. But like I have said earlier, that offense, it just sputters. You can not sputter against big games. Even in one game sputters, passing game sputters and they disappear from drives in mid-games. And if you sputter against big teams, it will cost you. 

The Ravens are playing really well this season. In 11 games, the team has registered eight victories against just three defeats. They are at the top of their conference going into week 13. Their performance has been a good balance as the defense did not allow opponents to get heavy edge.

Contradictory to what their defense did, their offense did not have a feast against opponents like the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, or even the Dallas Cowboys. Tallying their scorecard, the Ravens have failed to score 40 points in a single game.

In addition to this, the team only scored 30 points or more than that in just four games. Sherman’s words do ring true in some capacity as they did not have offensive blowout performances despite getting the fittest version of Jackson since 2019 and Odell Beckham Jr.


Lamar Jackson is not flopping the business for the Ravens

Despite not providing offensive blowouts, it can not be concluded that Jackson is failing to do his job. He has been good throughout the season and providing when it is needed. In 11 games, Jackson has registered 13 touchdowns against five interceptions for more than 2,600 yards.

The QB has already surpassed the amount of passing yards that he covered last season. Jackson also made history by becoming the fastest QB ever to reach 5000 rushing yards.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson (SI)

Todd Monken, the offensive coordinator of the team, needs to find a better solution to make things in line. The Ravens could have faced trouble against the Chargers if Zay Flowers had not stepped up at the right time. Flowers gave crucial leads to the team in a low-scoring encounter and secured a victory.


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