Rob Gronkowski adds a little twist to join Aaron Rodgers in agreeing with Tom Brady’s ‘mediocrity’ statement

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have won four Super Bowls together.

Rob Gronkowski adds a little twist to join Aaron Rodgers in agreeing with Tom Brady’s ‘mediocrity’ statement

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady (via CNBC)

The greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady created waves in the NFL world recently. During an appearance on The Stephen A. Smith Show, Brady called out the ‘mediocrity’ in the NFL right now because of some rule changes and poor defensive schemes. Those comments created a lot of buzz in the media as a lot of his contemporaries chimed in with their opinions.


Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets‘ star quarterback and a friend of Brady, agreed with his fellow quarterback’s sentiments on The Pat McAfee Show. Rodgers said on the show:

I agree with the last thing that he said. The rule changes have created a lot of bad habits.

Another ex-NFL player who has agreed with Brady is his former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate, Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski said while appearing on Kay Adams‘ show, Up & Adams:

I would say he's the only guy that could say that because he was just that consistent at putting a product out on the field every single day. The product he presented at all times was A-plus. To this day, the product is inconsistent. I would just say the consistency of the game, the product of the game going out there every single weekend, isn't up to par with where it should be.

Brady retired from professional football earlier this year. Gronkowski hung up his cleats in June last year. The duo played together in the NFL for 11 seasons. They played the first 9 seasons in New England and ended their careers in Tampa Bay.


Rob Gronkowski wants the Patriots to start Mac Jones against the Giants on Sunday

The New England Patriots have struggled this season. They have lost seven games so far and their starting QB Mac Jones has had a terrible year. The Patriots’ are not sure who they are going to start against the New York Giants this Sunday as they have already benched Jones three times during the season. However, former Patriot Rob Gronkowski had some advice for the Pats regarding this situation.

Mac Jones (L) and Rob Gronkowski (R)
Mac Jones (L – via Sports Illustrated) and Rob Gronkowski (R – via CNN)

Gronkowski said on the latest appearance on the ‘Up & Adams’ show:

It’s a winnable game so start Mac Jones. If it wasn’t a winnable game, start Will Grier. Mac Jones is definitely a better player than Bailey Zappe, gives them the best chance to win the game no matter what the situation is.

Jones was drafted in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. However, he hasn’t had much success with the team and has struggled this season. There is a chance he might not start against the Giants on Sunday. So far this season, Jones has as many interceptions as touchdowns and has thrown for 2,031 yards.


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