“There were coaches that didn’t want any part of it” Joseph Person makes a sensational revelation about Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule could find himself in some murky waters if he doesn't right the ship in Carolina this season. While he has been able to fill some gaps in terms of staff, many coaches are looking to stay away from the Panthers out of fear of inconsistency.

Matt Rhule
Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule hasn’t had the greatest time as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. In his two seasons, he has a record of 10-23 finishing 3rd in the NFC South in 2020 and last in 2021.

While the poor performances can somewhat be blamed on injuries and poor quarterback play, the coaching staff and Rhule, in particular, will harbor the majority of the blame. As a result of that, many of Carolina’s coaches are looking elsewhere for their career paths.

This offseason alone has seen three assistant coaches leave, namely, Frisman Jackson (wide receivers), Jason Simmons( defensive passing game coordinator), and Tony Sparano Jr.(offensive line).

The assistant coaches leaving has left other team’s coaches viewing Matt Rhule as someone on shaky ground and are tending to stay away from Carolina.

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Numerous coaches have rejected interviews with Matt Rhule out of fear of the Panthers organization

Matt Rhule
Matt Rhule

Joseph Person made an appearance on Fox Sports’ ‘Game on with Richmond and John’ where he was quoted saying “There were coaches on staff, that Matt Rhule wanted to bring in here and talk to like a Thomas McGaughey and a Pep Hamilton that viewed this situation as a lame duck situation and didn’t want any part of it.”

Person further added “That’s why we’ve seen three assistants leave. That’s a reflection of Rhule, but it’s also a reflection of the situation that David Tepper has painted, by not talking and giving the rest of the league the impression that this is a shaky place and don’t move your family here just to move them again in a year.”

The bright side for the Panthers and Rhule is that the majority of gaps that needed to be filled have been filled and some of them are high caliber people.

Bringing in the right coaching staff is a step in the right direction so that should be commended. However, Matt Rhule will have to solidify his place in Carolina if they are to make real progress and find themselves back in the Super Bowl.

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