“Antidoping, guys. Relax,” Elena Rybakina jokes off doping suspicions after she failed to win final in Miami

Elena Rybakina had to put a drip in the middle of the match.

“Antidoping, guys. Relax,” Elena Rybakina jokes off doping suspicions after she failed to win final in Miami

Elena Rybakina (Image Credit: The Sporting Base)

Not many gave Petra Kvitova to win the final at the Miami Open against Elena Rybakina. But as they say expect the unexpected! The World No.12 beat 2022 Wimbledon champion 7-6 (16/14), 6-2. The scoreline read!


Elena Rybakina completely faltered after losing the tough first set in the second set of the match. This is the second time the Kazakh tennis professional reached the final of an important tournament and lost. She also reached the final of the Australian Open earlier this year. In this match, she lost to Aryna Sabalenka.

In this match, Elena Rybakina was visibly struggling. She had to take a drip in the middle of the match to rejuvenate herself and continue the game. In the post-match interaction with journalists, she was asked to give her opinions on the loss. She was also asked in particular about the climate conditions and the drip she took between the match.

“Antidoping, guys. Relax (smiling). Yeah, of course I was feeling tired, actually since Indian Wells, I would say. Just tried to push myself in the final. Gave everything I had. Yeah, maybe if the first set would have gone my way it would have been different, the second, but of course because I was physically a bit tired, I think that’s why I didn’t have discipline in the important moments. I was also making some stupid decisions on the court, so I think just overall, but Petra played well. Hopefully next time it’s gonna go my way,” she said.


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Was fatigue and conditions for Elena Rybakina’s loss?

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Elena Rybakina

This season Elena Rybakina showed the best game of her career. She made it to the finals of the Australian Open, Indian Wells Open and the Miami Open. She had a golden chance to script history by winning the Sunshine Doubles this year. But she missed this opportunity.

It was not surprising to watch the World No.7 lose. What was surprising was the manner in which she lost. She was huffing and puffing in the second set and barely could manage to finish the match.

There could be many reasons for her defeat but match-day fatigue and tough climatic conditions are and may be the most important factors to consider. Elena Rybakina has played regularly in last few months. But the fatigue to play and compete at the top level may have got better of her.


Miami is also known for its humid and windy conditions. The sun shines brightly in this part of the world. Hence, it leads to many players sweating a lot more than in any other place. Even in the semi-final match between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, both the players found it difficult to cope up with the conditions. Both had muscle cramps.

It is expected, however, as the clay swing of the season begins, Elena Rybakina will be able to improve her performance this summer.

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