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From tennis superstar to Gen-Next businesswoman: Maria Sharapova now plans to venture into NFTs and Web3

Maria Sharapova said she is trying to get more acquainted with the concepts and convergence of social media, finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Maria Sharapova

Former tennis player and business investor Maria Sharapova has revealed that she has plans to foray into the Web3 space and is actively trying to get more acquainted with the concepts and convergence of social media, finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


“I want to allow women to have a space where they experiment with Web3. For example, I was 17 when I won my first grand slam and social media was in no way part of that experience. It took years for me to get comfortable with social media over time. I think Web3 is also an area where one has to get out there in order to learn and grow from it,” Sharapova recently told CoinTelegraph in an interview.

On the tennis court, Sharapova was last seen in action in 2020 after which she announced her retirement from the sport. Interestingly, Sharapova, who won give Grand Slam titles during her career, was also the highest-paid female sportsperson in the world for 11 consecutive years. Modelling endorsements and business interests mainly helped Sharapova grow her wealth and her current net worth is estimated at $180 million.


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Maria Sharapova on her plans to foray into NFTs, Web3

Although Sharapova is new to the Web3 business, she believes it could be a strong area for her to invest in the long-term.

“I’ve been looking at this space for several months now, as I’m someone who is more in favor of opportunities for the long haul. When I saw the opportunity to bridge physical with digital experiences, I knew I wanted it to be a long-term experience for myself. Storytelling is very important and it’s a huge component of Web3. I think stories will be told better for both parties when thinking about a project long-term,” the former tennis player said while attending a Binance Blockchain Week event in Paris.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova also said she believes that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can help increase fan engagement in the world of sports.

“NFTs are about finding ways to communicate with the right communities interested in what I’m doing within a different type of space. For example, I was seen on a television screen every week playing tennis for so many years, yet I no longer have that platform on a daily basis because I retired a couple of years ago. The Web3 experience has given me access to my fans in entirely new ways. I feel like I’m more engaged with them, as opposed to them just being engaged by watching me compete,” the Russian tennis superstar said.

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