Joe Rogan wife: Who is the MMA kingpin’s better half?

Here is everything you need to know about Joe Rogan's wife and family.

Joe Rogan wife
Joe Rogan wife

Joe Rogan is arguably one of the most known personalities when it comes to combat sports, especially in UFC. So, fight fans must be curious about Joe Rogan wife. So, Let’s know about Joe Rogan wife. The man who has been a part of UFC since 1997 is now considered ‘The voice of UFC’.

When Rogan joined UFC as a commentator, it was nothing like it is today. Things were different and now many things have changed, same with Rogan. For fans, it is always exciting to hear Rogan’s voice in every pay-per-view event and see him During the post-fight interviews.

Other than being a UFC commentator, Rogan is an actor, stand-up comedian, and TV show host. He has done many stand-up gigs like The Man Show, The Chappelle Show, etc. He also got an opportunity to host the famous reality show Fear Factor between 2001 – 2006.

Joe Rogan workout
Joe Rogan

After all these, Rogan got the huge popularity that has today due to his Spotify podcast’ The Joe Rogan Experience. This show is a huge hit in which Rogan calls many guests and talks with them without any script. Many famous celebrities, Combat sports athletes, comedians, directors, and speakers have visited JRE.

With the massive success of JRE, it has also attracted many controversies. Recently, Rogan faced criticism for using the ‘N-word which as a non-black person he can’t say. However, many fighters and members of the industry supported Rogan and stood with him.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Joe Rogan wife

Joe Rogan wife and kids
Joe Rogan with his wife and kids

Rogan is a married man. Joe Rogan wife ‘s name is Jessica Ditzel. Ditzel is the daughter of the late comedian, Robert Schimmel who was born in Sugar Land, Texas. Joe Rogan wife grew up in a big family of six children and after graduation, she joined California State University. Soon after completing her degree in Bachelor in Arts and Technical Theater, Ditzel explored her passion as a model.

However, when she met Rogan in 2001, she was working as a waitress. The couple later got married in the year 2009. Currently, she is a well-established TV producer and also works as a model for several agencies.

Rogan and her wife have three daughters named Rose, Lola and Rosy. However, the oldest one Kayja Rose is not his biological daughter. Rogan is a family person and spends a lot of time with his wife and kids.

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