“Not going to be a part of it,” Chael Sonnen not rooting for fourth fight between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo

Moreno and Figueiredo have fought thrice in 3 years i.e. 2020, 2021 and 2022. All three fights have brought the fans on the edge of their seats ending on a memorable note all the time.

Chael Sonnen- Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

Chael Sonnen decides to stand out from the majority and has sorta voted against the fourth fight between Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno. Moreno, the current interim- UFC Flyweight champion, last fought at UFC 277 when he defeated Kai Kara-France to become the interim champion and therefore secure a fourth title fight against the undisputed champion in Figueiredo. Both Moreno and Figueiredo had a respectful conversation inside the Octagon after Moreno’s interim title victory.

Moreno and Figueiredo first fought each other back in December 2020 when Figueiredo was going for his second title defence in the first title reign. The fight was so close that it ended up being a draw. Figueiredo then had to go for another title defence against Moreno in July 2021 but lost his belt via submission. The trilogy happened in January this year and Figueiredo got the title back.

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Chael Sonnen called Moreno-Figueiredo face off at UFC 277 “painful”

Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

What built up Moreno’s interim title fight against Kara-France was a series of multiple reasons from Figueiredo’s side which included undergoing an injury, complaints against Moreno for alleged use of racial insults as well as complaints of lower pay. But now that Moreno himself is the interim champion, Figueiredo has no other option for his first title defence in his second title reign.

In one of the videos on his Youtube channel, Chael Sonnen talks about how “painful” was the faceoff between Moreno and Figueiredo and how come the rivalry never returned to the main event spot after their first fight.

“The only thing I don’t want to happen- and this is just Chael the fan- I don’t want to see Moreno vs Figueiredo again,” says Sonnen “And I won’t, I couldn’t watch their third fight, I saw them around there for too many times. This is for me, they then went and did five rounds, and now they’re going to be scheduled for five more rounds. I’m not going to be part of it, but you don’t want to be… they did a face-off, the face-off was painful…” he continues.

What do you make of Sonnen’s staunch reluctance to see this fight happen? Do you feel the same way? Who do you see winning the fourth fight? The flyweight division has never caught so much attention since its conception in the WEC days and now rest assured there can never be another conversation or rumour of selling the division ever again.

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