“He could KO prime Conor” – Dana White’s JACKED physique at 53 puts fans in a frenzy

Dana White's physique at the age of 53 years old has completely taken over MMA Twitter. Check out some of the fans' reactions.

Dana White jacked
Dana White shows off physique at 53 years of age

No wonder Dana White is ready to stand in between some of the deadliest fighters on this planet. The 53-year-old UFC president shows the world the state of his body and puts everyone in complete shock.

Not long ago, Dana White revealed a shocking story about how he was on the verge of knocking at death’s door. White revealed a doctor by the name of Gary Brecka, who is very renowned gave the UFC President only 9 years to live from now.

Since that visit, the UFC boss has gone into a very strict way of leading his life and is now feeling better than ever. The 53-year-old admits he feels like 35 and has a new way of looking at life. In a recent Instagram post, White revealed his physique while talking on the Balancing Chaos podcast with “Wellness By Kelley”.

Fans have gone crazy since the picture of Dana White shirtless surfaced on the internet and are letting out their reactions be known. From the podcast, it is known that White is currently on intermittent fasting, a keto diet. If you have to manage fighters that are in the UFC, you’d have to hold your own when things hit the fan and White is ready for anything that comes his way.

On White’s Instagram, he posted a clipping from the Balancing Chaos podcast and wrote, “Everyone has been asking me about me dying in 10.4 years. I told the entire story to @wellnessbykelley and how my life has completely changed in 10 weeks with @garybrecka and 10X health systems.”

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Twitter explodes as Dana White reveals his current physique

Dana White net worth
Dana White

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