“Thanks for setting new standard” – UFC /faithful Daniel Cormier lauds Francis Ngannou for making MMA ‘feel real’ again with huge move to PFL

Francis Ngannou’s PFL contract got a lot of praise from former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

“Thanks for setting new standard” – UFC /faithful Daniel Cormier lauds Francis Ngannou for making MMA ‘feel real’ again with huge move to PFL

Daniel Cormier lauds Francis Ngannou (Image via Asian Persuasion MMA /Sky Sports)

Daniel Cormier has already retired from mixed martial arts, but his passion for games is still with him. The UFC Hall of Famer and former champ is a staunch supporter of Francis Ngannou. When MMA fans were giving their points to Jon Jones, it was Daniel Cormier who kept his faith in Francis. Yet again, the UFC’s most faithful fighter, Daniel Cormier, lauds Ngannou for signing his PFL contract.

Former double champion Cormier is impressed with the deal ‘The Predator” was able to crack with PFL. Francis Ngannou’s demand was clear: his opponent should be making a set amount even in a loss. As Ngannou is about to make his debut in a boxing match later this month, he kept the revenue in consideration. For Francis, it is about evening the playing field and giving equal luxury to the loser in his bout.


The Predator and DC both always had funny banter during their time in the UFC backstage. On DC and RC’s latest episode, Francis Ngannou talked about his dream fight, and with that, DC praised Ngannou. The predator is a hot topic in the MMA community right now as he is able to remove his free-agent tag.

But now it is official: Francis will be fighting in the cage starting in 2024. This year, Ngannou is training for the boxing match with the approval of the PFL. In his PFL contract, he mentioned the same things that he was looking for in the UFC. UFC after removing one source of revenue, i.e., the sponsorship tag in the octagon.

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Daniel Cormier lauds Francis Ngannou for cracking a better deal

Daniel Cormier happy with what Francis Ngannou Did
Daniel Cormier happy with what Francis Ngannou Did (Image via MMA Fighting)

There was much criticism going on for Ngannou in the MMA community as they questioned PFL’s revenue generation. But for the fighters, it was a really big thing at which he was looking. Francis faced many allegations of being arrogant, but Daniel Cormier supported him. Daniel Cormier believed in what Francis said in his latest announcement. DC applauded him for setting the standards for the fighters.

Former champion Daniel Cormier said “Big deal for Francis Ngannou. Congratulations to the former UFC heavyweight champion on really setting a new standard for what is out there in the free-agent market. It feels real after this one. It makes MMA feel real after seeing what Francis Ngannou just did.”

Francis later also commented about his dream match against Jon Jones. “I will always regret not fighting Jon Jones,” says the former UFC fighter. Now PFL’s new heavyweight fighter will have different changes and different rules. Fans will have to wait at least another 7–8 months for his next fight.


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