“Number of incels buying pond water…” Joe Rogan shocked to know Hot Tub Twitch streamers make millions selling bath water

Joe Rogan's podcast reveals the unique world of Twitch streaming, where creators profit significantly from live streams and selling bathwater, reflecting new trends in digital content monetization.

“Number of incels buying pond water…” Joe Rogan shocked to know Hot Tub Twitch streamers make millions selling bath water

Joe Rogan surprised by Twitch Streamer income (Image via: YouTube/JRE, X/Kotaku)

Joe Rogan expressed astonishment at the lucrative business of Hot Tub Twitch streamers in a recent podcast episode with Derek Munro, a PED expert. From Munro, Rogan learned that they earn millions by selling their bathwater. This sheds light on the unique ways content creators monetize their online presence in live streaming.

Munro was not familiar with Hot Tub Twitch streamers but told Rogan what he came to know. This is what he said:

Like hot tub streamers, or inflatable pool streamers, these chicks just put on a live stream, get in a bathing suit, and sit in an inflatable pool in their house. They just wade around and talk to you, I guess, and rack up millions over the year. Some will sell the water that they were in, just like multi-level supply chain management.
Derek Munro via JRE

The financial success the streamers achieved by selling bathwater surprised Rogan. The revelation about streamers stirred debates on modern monetization strategies in the digital era. Rogan has a wide range of friends who are against activities like this. However, Rogan does not judge anybody by their means of income.

Many UFC fighters are Twitch streamers. Max Holloway and Demetrious Johnson are among them. Moreover, many fighters have their podcasts. In the digital era, fighters are finding alternative methods to earn income, and these are examples of that. Nevertheless, many fighters still use fighting only as a source of income, citing other things as distractions.

Joe Rogan explains why he refuses to go to Canada

Derek Munro was a recent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Munro is from Canada, a country that Rogan does not like. During the podcast episode, Munro asked Rogan why he did not go to Canada.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Image via: IMAGO)

Rogan did not go to Canada because of the policies of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. This is what he said about Canada to Munro:

The trucker rally and what Trudeau is doing with guns, and what they're trying to clamp down on censorship on the internet; that guy can eat sh*t. Like, that place needs 100% an overhaul of government. They're sliding down that dangerous road of communism, and that scares the sh*thole out of me.
Joe Rogan via JRE

Rogan felt that Canada needed a complete government overhaul. Interestingly, Rogan was not in the commentary booth at UFC 289, which was held in Canada. Moreover, UFC 297, the first PPV of 2024, will be held in Canada. From Rogan’s perception of Canada, his presence at the event will be very unlikely.

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