“Do one on right wing streaming platform,” Lady Ballers director admits Joe Rogan inspired to make ‘hardcore comedy’ movie

Inspired by Joe Rogan's challenge, Jeremy Boreing's 'Lady Ballers' tackles the contentious issue of transgender athletes, reflecting the influence of Rogan's perspectives on controversial societal topics.

“Do one on right wing streaming platform,” Lady Ballers director admits Joe Rogan inspired to make ‘hardcore comedy’ movie

Joe Rogan inspired Lady Ballers (Image via: IMAGO, X/Daily Wire News)

Joe Rogan has inspired many people in his life in a variety of ways. His advice on comedy and podcasting has helped many to achieve success in those fields. Now, Jeremy Boreing, the director of the movie ‘Lady Ballers’ has recently talked about Rogan’s influence on his new movie.


Boreing said that Rogan was one of the inspirations for making Lady Ballers. It was due to something Rogan said to Sam Morril in a podcast episode 1868 in September of 2022. This is what Rogan said to Morril that motivated Boreing.

You don't really f*cking hardcore comedy movies anymore....You could but you would have to have the right people with the right amount of balls and better be hugely successful. Do you know what would have to happen? You would have to do one on a right-wing streaming platform like the Daily Wire.
Joe Rogan via JRE

Boreing is the CEO of Daily Wire. Rogan’s words provided not only inspiration but also a challenge to the director. The movie has been streaming on Daily Wire since December 1. The movie is controversial for the theme, which is the controversial topic of transgender athletes. Rogan and the UFC CEO do not support the presence of biological males in female sports.

Rogan has appeared in movies. His most prominent role up to date is in the film ‘Zookeeper‘ starring Kevin James. Moreover, many movie stars have appeared on his podcast. Dwayne Johnson, Zachary Levi, and Edward Norton have all graced the Joe Rogan Experience.


Joe Rogan provides solutions for transgender people in sports and games

Transwom*n in women’s sports is a controversial topic. In the USA, transwom*n swimmer Lia Thomas is the main subject of controversy. Protests are still going on in the US about the inclusion of transwom*n in women’s sports. Recently, Jeremy Boreing directed a movie dealing with the subject inspired by a remark by Joe Rogan.

Dana White
Dana White (Image via: IMAGO)

Rogan does not advocate for transwom*n in women’s sports. He was very critical of an MMA fight when a transwom*n fought a ciswoman. The ciswoman suffered critical injuries in the fight. However, he does not advocate for their exclusion. Rogan provided a solution for the situation in a recent podcast episode with Ice Cube. This is what he said:

They could just develop a transgend*r league where trans people play against trans people. That would be great? But you can't pretend you're a biological female just because you wish you were. Like, you can't pretend when it comes to women's sports.

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland is one of the most vocal voices against transgender athletes. Moreover, Khabib Nurmagomedov also showed his displeasure in a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David. Furthermore, UFC CEO Dana White also does not support the inclusion of transwom*n in women’s sports.

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