Leon Edwards reveals Irish star Ian Garry got to ‘taste’ Kamaru Usman’s headkick KO in training before getting kicked out

UFC Champion Leon Edwards clears rumors of knocking out up and coming star Ian Garry amidst recent controversy.

Leon Edwards reveals Irish star Ian Garry got to ‘taste’ Kamaru Usman’s headkick KO in training before getting kicked out

Leon Edwards talks about knocking out Ian Garry ( Image via Imago )

Leon Edwards and Ian Garry trained together in the past. Rumors poured in that Edwards knocked out Garry during a training session. However, Edwards denied rumors of knocking out Ian Machado Garry. He clarified that he did not knock him out in training, refuting Paddy Pimblett‘s claim.

Paddy Pimblett had intensified the situation by alleging Leon Edwards knocked out Ian Garry. Edwards acknowledged the sparring session but clarified that he didn’t knock Garry out clean, though Garry experienced the power of a head kick. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Edwards said:

I didn’t knock him out clean, no. He got a little taste for sure.
Leon Edwards on head kick KO rumors

Edwards also acknowledged the drama surrounding Garry’s removal from the gym. Edwards dismissed Ian Machado Garry’s claims about his ban from Team Renegade gym in Birmingham. The drama unfolded, leading to Garry’s expulsion from the gym.

Garry attributed it to Edwards’ coach pushing him out. Leon Edwards had personally announced the ban, reinforcing the severity of the situation. Edwards’ gym labeled Garry a “nomad” and hinted at his expulsion for not being a team player.

Leon Edwards boasts a professional MMA record of 21 wins and three losses (1 NC). Edwards secured the undisputed UFC welterweight championship in 2022 by knocking out Kamaru Usman in the final minute of their fight at UFC 278. Meanwhile, Ian Garry is an up-and-coming star with an impressive undefeated record of 12 wins and 0 losses.


Leon Edwards is ready to take on Colby Covington

Leon Edwards anticipated that Colby Covington was in for a significant surprise at UFC 296. Undeterred by Covington’s trash talk, Edwards asserted that being the younger fighter gives him an advantage.

Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards (via British GQ)

Leon Edwards dismissed Covington’s antics and confidently stated that Covington posed no threat based on his recent record. Covington competed in the welterweight division and was a former interim UFC welterweight champion. He faced Kamaru Usman twice, resulting in two losses. Colby Covington is currently 35 years old, and reportedly this might be Covington’s last chance at an undisputed world title.

Leon Edwards referred to Covington as a “clown” and said he has remained focused on his preparation for the upcoming match, tuning out the verbal exchanges. The champion’s confidence and strategic approach suggest he remains well-prepared and confident in his abilities for the impending UFC 296 showdown. The duo will face each other for the UFC welterweight title this December at the T-Mobile Arena.


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