CM Punk’s first WWE appearance made official following his swashbuckling return to the company after nearly a decade

After capsizing the timeline late Saturday night, CM Punk is now set to take Nashville on the ultimate thrill ride.

CM Punk’s first WWE appearance made official following his swashbuckling return to the company after nearly a decade

CM Punk [via- WWE]

Amassing just under 26 million views for a video clip on X is something unheard of, but not for CM Punk. He’s made it look like a daily chore in less than 24 hours since returning to WWE. The closing shot of this year’s Survivor Series was one for the history books and will be embraced as an all-time great closing to a WWE PLE.

Now that the dust on Punk’s return to WWE is starting to settle, there’s just no rest for the weary. In what would be his first Raw appearance in nearly a decade, CM Punk has officially been announced for tomorrow’s show in Nashville. The anticipation at the Bridgestone Arena will be palpable as the venue gears up to host not only The Best in the World but also WWE’s Apex Predator, Randy Orton.


On the heels of a massive victory alongside his team inside WarGames, The Viper will be there on the Red Brand tomorrow night. Punk and Orton had quite a subtle, wholesome moment right at the dying moments of Survivor Series. Punk flexed his arms in the air, doing Randy’s signature pose, while Orton did the clobbering time nuance to Punk. Finally, they waved at each other, and the clip is making the rounds on social media.

However, the man who was absolutely irate at CM Punk’s arrival was Seth Rollins. The latter hurled middle fingers at Punk while The Second City Savior was basking in the adulation of the WWE Universe in Chicago. Rollins seemed to have lost it and had to be pacified by Michael Cole and Corey Graves at ringside.


Was Seth Rollins really upset at CM Punk’s WWE return?

By the looks of it, CM Punk’s dream comeback did not bode well with Seth Rollins. The first of his initial reactions after reaching the gorilla position were not good. Per Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, The Visionary had to be ushered away by Triple H and Michael Cole as he didn’t like Punk coming back.

Seth Rollins and CM Punk
Seth Rollins and CM Punk [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

Meanwhile, Punk was confused at the sight. People close to the specific area relayed that the scenes were awkward. However, the report did state that it could possibly be a work given the wavering nature of pro wrestling.

Tonight, CM Punk will break the ice in pursuit of delivering the most anticipated return promo in WWE history. The hell has frozen over the past day or so. And the fans should brace themselves for what’s about to come their way.


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