Dolph Ziggler’s first match after getting fired from WWE announced

Dolph Ziggler is confirmed for his first-ever post-Wrestling match after a shocking firing in September 2023.

Dolph Ziggler’s first match after getting fired from WWE announced

Dolph Ziggler (via WWE)

Nearly three months ago, WWE pulled off its biggest wave of talent and staff releases. This was a direct outcome of the WWE-UFC merger, which caused the company to abruptly lay off a slew of superstars.

One of the shocking names to make the list of fired superstars was Dolph Ziggler. The former WWE star has been confirmed for his first-ever wrestling match after his release.


Nic Nemeth, better known by his WWE ring name, Dolph Ziggler, recently made a huge announcement about his upcoming wrestling match. The former World Champion has issued a challenge to Puerto Rican wrestling veteran Ray Gonzalez at the World Wrestling Council’s Euphoria show. The match is slated to take place on January 20, 2024, in Puerto Rico.

The non-compete clause for all the released WWE superstars would seemingly expire this December. Moreover, this will not only be Ziggler’s first-ever match after his release, but it is also his first wrestling match outside of the WWE system. The Showoff had been a WWE loyalist for the entirety of his career until his recent firing.

I'm laying down a challenge in Puerto Rico for "Mr. Ray-tings" Ray Gonzalez. Do you think you can step in the ring and go toe to toe with the best damn thing going today? I am pro wrestling baby. On January 20, WWC Euphoria, the most wanted man Nic Nemeth is coming for you.
Dolph Ziggler on Lucha Lubre Online post

Dolph Ziggler has worked for the Stamford-based promotion for nearly two decades. In his 19-year-long illustrious career, Showoff has notably won the World Heavyweight, United States, and Intercontinental Championships. It is going to be fascinating to witness the new chapter of the former WWE star’s wrestling career. He also has one of the most iconic Money in The Bank cash-ins of all time.


Former WWE superstars Matt Riddle and Dolph Ziggler announced for a major match

Dolph Ziggler and Matt Riddle were two of the most notable names to let go of their WWE contracts a few months ago. However, the nature of both releases was poles apart. The formation of TKO Group Holdings resulted in Ziggler’s termination from WWE. In contrast, Riddle’s off-screen controversy led to his firing. The two superstars, however, will be sharing the ring in 2024.

Matt Riddle and Dolph Ziggler
Matt Riddle and Dolph Ziggler (via Wrestling News and WWE)

MCW Pro Wrestling recently took to their X and announced the match between Ziggler and Riddle. The two men will headline the MCW Fan Jam 2 on February 4, 2024. The independent show will emanate from the RJ Meyer Arena in Joppa, Maryland. The 37-year-old will also compete in a match against former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam.

Matt Riddle and Misha Montana welcomed their son into the world not too long ago. The Showoff, on the other hand, was spotted with his brother Ryan Nemeth and other AEW stars. At present, both superstars are free agents. Thus, it is going to be interesting to see whether they end up joining a wrestling promotion or maintain their free agent status.


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