WWE Superstar Logan Paul reportedly blocks many YouTubers on Twitter

WWE Superstar Logan Paul reportedly blocks many YouTubers on Twitter

Logan Paul (Image Credit: Fox News)

Logan Paul is a huge celebrity all over the world, but he’s not doing well in the eyes of the public right now. The current dispute involving him revolves around the ‘CryptoZoo’ scandal that he supposedly performed. People believe that with this scandal; he has made millions of dollars by scamming a lot of people.


Logan Paul is supposedly doing all of this scandal, according to another YouTuber Drama Alert. He has revealed the entire story to the public and has released three videos on this scandal. He has thoroughly studied and explained everything to everyone.

Drama Alert recently tweeted that Logan Paul had blocked him. Not just him, but many other YouTubers who have been speaking about him have been blocked by the young WWE Superstar. This came as a major shock for everyone since things have become confusing and Logan has yet to explain anything.

The tweet read, “Logan Paul has Blocked multiple YouTubers criticizing him for his recent crypto Zoo controversy. #DramaAlert.” The Superstar has said that he will be clearing everything up when he will do his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast’s new episode, which is going to happen on 3rd January 2023.


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Logan Paul next speculated appearance

Logan Paul
Logan Paul in his WWE attire(Image Credit: Marca)

The Maverick’s most recent WWE match was on the WWE PLE Crown Jewel. He was competing for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, which he eventually lost. After that, he was nowhere to be found at the company, and stories began to circulate.

Logan Paul suffered a serious injury, but it is expected that he will recover quickly. The WWE PLE Royal Rumble next month may be an opportune time for him to make his return to the promotion. According to speculations, this will be his only appearance, but it will build up a WrestleMania bout for him.

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The Maverick’s speculated opponent on the greatest stage of them all, WrestleMania, will be the sixteen-time world champion, John Cena. These are only rumors, so fans will have to wait and see what happens to him in the future. Triple H does have some great plans for him in the future, but nothing yet has been finalized about those plans.

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