Major update on Mercedes Mone’s potential deal with AEW amidst WWE return rumors

AEW might have slipped Mercedes Mone as per some recent reports in the heat of her WWE return speculations.

Major update on Mercedes Mone’s potential deal with AEW amidst WWE return rumors

Mercedes Mone (via X)

Former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, a.k.a. Mercedes Mone, is one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling right now. It was rumored that Mone might sign with All Elite Wrestling. However, a new update has added another layer to her future and sparked some rumors about her WWE return.

In the latest report of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it has been stated that there is no assurance that Mercedes Mone will sign a deal with Tony Khan in AEW. It might be due to the fact that Mone might be looking to have a place in WWE right now. Therefore, she is not interested in signing a deal at the moment because it will keep her from getting back to WWE.

I always thought at the end of the day that the reason she didn’t sign with AEW is because it would keep her from going back [to WWE]. - It depends. If she has other aspirations outside of wrestling, you know the positive of AEW is that she can do them and Tony’s not gonna say no. With WWE, they’ll kinda want to be in control of that, but they’ll probably because, because of AEW,
Wrestling Observer Newsletter on Mercedes Mone

Moreover, Dave Meltzer has also noted the fact that in WWE, it is the time of Triple H, not Vince McMahon. That being the case, The Blueprint might head towards WWE to experience the new era in the company.

It has been rumored that Mercedes might return to the company at Royal Rumble. Recently, some veterans also commented on Sasha Banks’ return at Royal Rumble.

In fact, Mercedes’ best friend Bayley also teased her return to WWE. It is turning out to be engrossing to see the future of Sasha Banks in professional wrestling. She left WWE in mid-2022 due to some creative problems. moving on to NJPW for some time before getting an injury.


Danhausen wants Tony Khan to sign Mercedes Mone to AEW

Mercedes Mone is one of the most popular free agents in professional wrestling. Every promotion in the world would be eager to sign her into their company. Recently, AEW star Danhausen made a request to Tony Khan to sign Mercedes Mone, even if it cost him his blimp.

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks (via X)

Danhausen replied to the new training video of Mercedes with an interesting message. He said to give Mone $10 million, even if it means he needs to give up on his blimp. It’s been a long time; Dan has been looking for a blimp in AEW.

Tony give Mercedes 10 mil. Danhausen will give up the blimp.
Danhausen on Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone has an illustrious professional wrestling career. She has achieved great success in WWE and has named some massive achievements for herself. It is going to be captivating for the fans to see the direction Mone takes from here on out.


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