Mandy Rose’s title match ring gear surpasses $29K in online auction so far

In a period of three days, Mandy Rose's ring gear has surpassed the $29K amount in its auction on eBay.

Mandy Rose’s title match ring gear surpasses $29K in online auction so far

Mandy Rose as the NXT Women's Champion (via WWE)

Mandy Rose once dominated NXT with her 413-day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion. Her release from the company came last December, and she has been away from wrestling since then. But as a part of her historic reign, she recently put up her ring gear for sale on eBay. Since Wednesday, the bid for her red ring gear has elevated at every instance and has now reached a massive amount of US $29,500, which will continue until Thursday.

Mandy Rose‘s red ring gear was the one she wore in a last woman standing match against Alba Fyre on NXT. Her title defense came with some help from Fyre’s rival, Isla Dawn, and resulted in Mandy’s win over her opponent. Being one of the special matches for the Golden Goddess, she put up this signed ring gear in an auction to give to any one of her deserving fans. And to her surprise, the price for it will cross the $30K benchmark sooner or later, considering her fanbase.


The details of this ring gear written on eBay by her state that the inspiration for it was Nikki Bella‘s dressings. And when she wore it for the first time, she received a huge amount of praise for it and was showered with love on the internet. Thus, she wants her greatest fan to have this and take good care of it for the sake of her memory of her 413-day title reign. Rose initially contemplated giving it away, but respecting the fans’ love for it, she will be doing the tough task of getting rid of it.

Rose’s release from the company came as a result of her FanTime account. Just a day before her release, she lost her championship against Roxanne Perez on the December 13 episode of NXT. When asked later about joining a different promotion, she denied those chances and said she wanted to keep herself away from the wrestling business for a while.

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Mandy Rose pitched her storyline with Otis to WWE

Mandy Rose and Otis
Mandy Rose and Otis (via WWE)

Otis and Mandy Rose became one of the most beloved kayfabe couples in WWE. As their storyline kicked off in late 2019 and culminated in the second half of 2020. In a conversation with TVSeriesHub, Rose revealed that the storyline with Otis was her idea. And she herself pitched it to Vince McMahon.

Mandy Rose stated Otis always talked about her and liked her in a cute way. Thus, Rose thought of converting it into a storyline seeing Otis’ growing fandom. All of this resulted in Mandy herself addressing this storyline to McMahon. Vince’s instant approval came to the idea as he loved the idea it and kicked it off instantly.

Rose’s career found a resurgence in NXT after spending some time on SmackDown. She went on to become the NXT Women’s Champion with a historic reign of 413 days. While Otis stayed on the RAW roster and went on to become the RAW Tag Team Champion alongside Chad Gable


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