Nick Aldis responds to AJ Styles’ demand for tonight’s SmackDown, confirms the absence of fan-favorite Superstar

The blue brand sheriff has favored AJ Styles.

Nick Aldis responds to AJ Styles’ demand for tonight’s SmackDown, confirms the absence of fan-favorite Superstar

Nick Aldis and AJ Styles [via- WWE]

A few hours ago, AJ Styles tagged Nick Aldis on X to let him know that he’ll only be at SmackDown this week if LA Knight‘s not there. And it appears like GM Aldis has cajoled The Megastar to take a week off. Responding to Styles, Aldis underscored how things between the two men have gotten out of hand. And the last thing anyone would want is to be entangled with law and enforcement days before their WrestleMania clash.


As a result, the SmackDown General Manager assured AJ that his arch-nemesis would not be in attendance on the show tonight. Last week, Knight encroached on Styles’ residential property, and they went swinging at each other. The WWE cameras stopped rolling and much couldn’t be plucked out. However, once local police spotted them trading blows, they took LA Knight into custody.

Later, it was revealed that AJ Styles had decided not to press charges on the 41-year-old. The latter was let go soon after the charges on him were dropped. Despite the ex-WWE Champion’s magnanimity, his soon-to-be WrestleMania opponent aimed a dig by telling that the former should consider spending on buttressing his entrance gate instead of video games.

You get your wish. I've asked LA Knight to stay away. He'll not be in attendance tomorrow on SmackDown. But AJ, he'll be in attendance at WrestleMania.
Nick Aldis to AJ Styles via X

The fans enjoyed this throwback of a home invasion. However, what caught their attention even more was Styles’ jacked physique. The Phenomenal One looks to have attained the best shape of his life at 46 years old. Needless to say, he’d want to make every ounce of work count that he has put in, as of late. Some would say that the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion has a major chip on his shoulders. Taking Knight down in Philadelphia will certainly shrug it off.


AJ Styles would love to ruin LA Knight’s WrestleMania debut

Despite a certain megastar being the fan-favorite, the man he has a bone to pick with has a psychological edge. AJ Styles, who’s been the face of SmackDown, has that big-match experience more than half of the roster.

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles
LA Knight vs. AJ Styles (via WWE)

On the other hand, LA Knight would consider him not so lucky in that way. Having burst onto the scene following a string of setbacks, The Defiant One is making his WrestleMania debut next month. While anything can happen on a given day, the former OC member knows what it takes to deliver when it matters the most.

Since his debut, the 46-year-old has missed out on competing at The Showcase of the Immortals only once, and that too last year. So, his foe’s claim of owning his a** would take more than just some trash talking.

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