Watch: CM Punk spotted backstage on Monday Night Raw in Chicago

CM Punk's surprise appearance backstage on Monday Night Raw in Chicago sent fans into a frenzy. The former WWE superstar's presence ignites speculation about a potential return to the ring.

Watch: CM Punk spotted backstage on Monday Night Raw in Chicago

Cm Punk (via-WWE)

Monday Night Raw packed quite the punch. Triple H revealing the new WWE Heavyweight Championship did stir up quite an excitement amongst fans around the world. However, the news that caused the most stir was something different.

CM Punk was spotted backstage on RAW. Punk is currently under contract with AEW. Things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for Punk at AEW, as he’s racked up some major backstage heat. His showing up backstage at RAW while still being under contract with AEW has raised a lot of questions and speculation.


In the video uploaded online, Punk was seen talking to WWE star Tamina in the parking lot. Rumors state that he had interactions with multiple superstars, including The Miz and Triple H, before being removed by security.

Considering the circumstances of how things between the company and CM Punk ended, this comes as a complete shock to fans. Punk wasn’t exactly a locker room favorite, but he was extremely popular with the crowd. He is always a big draw. The video showed him having a conversation with Tamina in the parking lot of the Allstate Arena.

It is unclear as to why he was asked to leave the premises, but word has it that Vince McMahon had a hand to play there. Punk was never a fan of Vince, and a lot of things were said about him. The fact that he had a conversation with Triple H really stirs the pot. There is no word as of yet on the status of his AEW contract.


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Is CM Punk coming back to WWE?

CM Punk
CM Punk(via AEW)

This sudden appearance backstage has caused quite a stir amongst fans the world over. Punk is still under contract with AEW and is slated to return soon, but the backstage heat he’s drawn there is a bit of an issue. He’s spent a lot of time on the ice due to injuries, too. That being said, CM Punk will always remain a huge draw. 

An unexpected return to WWE would really shake things up. Roman Reigns does not have a credible opponent as of yet. Dream match scenarios like Punk vs. AJ Styles? The unpredictability of the situation makes it exciting.


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