Watch: Live audience sings Happy Birthday for Rhea Ripley

WWE Supershow live crowd sang Happy Birthday for Rhea Ripley, on her 25th birthday.

rhea ripley
Ripley turned 25

Rhea Ripley, one-half of the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, turns 25 today. The Australian professional wrestler currently performs on WWE Raw. She is the only Superstar on the current roster who has been a part of the NXT UK, NXT and the main roster. She debuted on the main roster this year and has already been the Raw Women’s Champion as well as the Women’s Tag Team Champion.

In addition to performing on the WWE TV shows, the Superstars also perform on the untelevised live events. Recently, a WWE Supershow – live event, coincided with Rhea Ripley’s birthday. The crowd in Bakersfield ensured that the former NXT UK Women’s Champion had a memorable birthday. The entire arena sang Happy Birthday for Ripley!

Ripley became the Raw Women’s Champion at WWE Wrestlemania 37, by defeating Asuka. During her reign as the Champion, Ripley feuded against Charlotte Flair and ultimately lost the title to The Queen at Money in the Bank – ending her reign of 98 days. She got her rematch for the title at Summerslam in a Triple Threat match that also included Nikki A.S.H.

Charlotte Flair managed to retain her title. While Ripley was expected to go after Flair again, but surprisingly she formed an unlikely Tag Team with Nikki A.S.H. The two Superstars gained momentum and eventually became the Women’s Tag Team Champions. They have certainly been a fresh change for the Women’s Tag Team division and are expected to kick-off a new feud post – Crown Jewel.

Rhea Ripley flooded with birthday wishes on Twitter

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Former Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley

The entire crowd singing Happy Birthday for Rhea Ripley definitely made her special day quite memorable. But several other fans took to Twitter to wish their favorite Superstar on her birthday. Some of them even shared some amazing fan arts.

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