Who will win the first-time ever match at WWE Summerslam 2021?

Seth Rollins and Edge will battle each other in a first-time ever match at Summerslam

Seth Rollins and Edge will lock horns at WWE Summerslam 2021

Summerslam will feature a match between two rivals who have a 7 year long history against each other. The two men have immense talent and commendable athleticism which makes both of them two of the best WWE superstars currently. The Rated R superstar Edge and the Slayer of Slayers Seth Rollins will battle each other in a first time ever match.

The two men have a 7 year long history which will finally feature in a match at WWE Summerslam. Their feud started in the year 2014 where Mr. Money in the Bank (then), Seth Rollins was in the ring with Edge asking some questions. Edge had retired from wrestling by then due to some serious injuries.

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Seth Rollins could make Edge’s life a living hell in 2014

Rollins was feuding with John Cena, then, and wanted him to get in the ring because the Architect had a lot of backup including Big Show who was ready to fight for Rollins. Cena wasn’t ready to get in when Rollins took Edge down and was about to deliver the stomp to him. Rollins knew Edge’s neck was surgically repaired and if he delivered the stomp, Edge’s life could become a living hell.

This continued in 2021 when Edge took Rollins’ opportunity at the Money in the Bank by putting himself in the Universal Championship match. Rollins didn’t like the idea and so attacked Edge during the match. This led to both the men attack each other in the following weeks and then the match getting official for WWE Summerslam.

Who will win the first-time ever match at WWE Summerslam?

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Edge and Seth Rollins have developed a lot of heat between each other for Summerslam

Edge hasn’t won a match in WWE since January after winning the Royal Rumble match. On the other hand, Seth Rollins has been winning and losing matches at events making his record uniform. If Edge wins, not only will he get a sweet revenge against the Architect, but the WWE Universe could also see a rematch between him and Roman Reigns.

If Rollins wins, he could look strong and confident to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship as well. So this means that whatever happens, Roman Reigns would be having a close look at the match because one of them could be his next challengers.

Prediction: Edge wins the first-time ever match

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