“The DIRTIEST sport and business we’ve ever seen,” Chael Sonnen sheds some BRUTAL reality about boxing

Sonnen talks about boxing only when talking in reference to Jake Paul's future in the sport considering that a lot of his fights have been called off due to his opponents' abrupt reasons lately.

Chael Sonnen- Floyd Mayweather
Chael Sonnen- Floyd Mayweather
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Chael Sonnen studies fight business like it’s his Bible, and there’s no hesitation in accepting that it’s not all roses but thorns as well, especially in boxing. Sonnen is a retired MMA fighter who has challenged for the UFC title multiple times, having coached in The Ultimate Fighter twice and having been the semi-finalist for one of Bellator MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix tournaments. Sonnen is now a Youtuber with over a million subscribers.

Throughout his fighting career and after that, Sonnen is known for his Bad Guy persona that developed a strong base around him in the MMA community over the years. Besides that, Sonnen is also known for his unique takes on viral situations in combat sports and his articulate thought processing. So it’s quite evident when a veteran bad guy takes interest in new bad guys of the town. For him, Sonnen has been taking a huge interest in Jake Paul lately.

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“Even a free country like the US had to regulate it,” says Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen

In one of the videos on his Youtube channel, Sonnen talked about the future of Jake Paul’s boxing career and how either one of KSI or Andrew Tate will fix into the frame of this topic. However, in the beginning, Sonnen discusses how Paul has found his niche in boxing and what is the result of it. His conclusion may or may not shock the fans.

“He’s now part of the dirtiest business and sport we’ve ever seen. It’s my sport, I am not looking to put it down,” says Sonnen “I am just saying it’s a sport that is so dirty that a free Republic known as the United States had to bring in the government to regulate it. That has never happened…”

What do you make of Sonnen’s brutal and allegedly honest thoughts on the sport of boxing? Do you feel the same way about this sport? Do you remember any famous instance where boxing showed its scandalous nature? The most infamous scene to be remembered comes from the 90s when boxing legend Mike Tyson was furious over longtime promoter Don King extracting more money than necessary out of his success. Time and again, pros and fans have complained that it’s because of the way boxing operates that the business isn’t often able to give the fights the fans want.

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