Cruiserweight Jake Paul wants Featherweight Floyd Mayweather to unretire so that he can steal Mayweather’s undefeated crown

Cruiserweight Jake Paul wants Featherweight Floyd Mayweather to unretire so that he can steal Mayweather’s undefeated crown

Paul wants the 45-year old to come out of retirement

Jake Paul’s boxing fantasies keep growing wilder each day as now the former YouTuber wants to aim at Floyd Mayweather, the biggest prize in boxing and certainly the most lucrative. However, unlike his brother Logan Paul, the younger Paul wishes to fight Mayweather under a professional ruleset.


You read that right, Paul wants to have a professional boxing match against a 45-year-old- retired featherweight boxing champion. His elder brother, Logan, faced Mayweather in 2021, a bout that reportedly generated upwards of $100 million. The 8 round exhibition fight saw a much taller opponent in Logan try and land haymakers on the shorter but vastly more technical Mayweather.

Now Jake Paul wants to try his luck in the same and has called out Mayweather during a conversation with MMA Fighting. While Paul is not happy with the choice of opponents Mayweather has made while sifting through his exhibition career, he is nonetheless certain that they will clash down the line in an exhibition bout.

“I think he would [fight me] if it was an exhibition for sure, the thing is I want it to be a real pro bout and take his undefeated record, which I don’t think he’ll risk, “ said Paul detailing on the probability of the fight happening down the line.


To point out the sheer absurdity of this desire, Paul fights at cruiserweight Or around 190-200lbs, and is only 25 years old. Paul’s mantra of weight classes don’t matter, as long as he’s in the favourable spot is on clear display here as Mayweather, while being near twice his age as at his heaviest fought at 154 lbs.

The glaring difference in weight classes also points out Paul’s hypocrisy when it came time to face Hasim Rahman Junior, a fight that was called off due to weight issues, a week before the weigh-ins.

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Will Floyd Mayweather be enticed to come back to professional boxing by Jake Paul?

JAke Paul x Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather most recently won a second-round TKO victory over Rizin superstar, Mikuru Asakura

Mayweather has expressed that he’s willing to take freak fights as long as he can assure himself he won’t get hurt. While a fight with Paul is very likely possible, it’s almost delusional to assume it would ever be a professional bout.


Mayweather has stated that he will continue to take fights only against opponents who won’t be able to seriously hurt him, the most recent example being Mikuru Asukara in Japan. He even offered Conor McGregor a rematch under the exhibition rules set.

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If a money maker like McGregor is unable to get Floyd back into the pros, it’d be maniacal to assume a fight against Paul would entice him enough to even sign an application for a license.

Currently, Mayweather is scheduled to face another Youtuber, Deji Olatunji, KSI’s younger brother, and Paul’s first opponent in boxing. The fight will take place in Dubai on the 13th of November.


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