“I would pay money to see it” – Jake Paul wants Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel to take their “handshake war” to the boxing ring

The entire world was tuned in to football after Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspurs managers, Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte got into a scuffle after full time. Jake Paul reacts to this war and has an interesting take.

Jake Paul Conte Tuchel
Jake Paul (R) Antonio Conte and Tuchel (L)
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Who would’ve thought YouTube boxer Jake Paul would be such a football head eh? Alright, “Soccer head” for all the Americans looking bamboozled. The YouTube sensation seems to be completely invested in yesterday’s beef between the coaches of Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Last night, during the Chelsea vs Tottenham game in the Premier League, fans felt like the BARCLAYS days were truly back after Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel, coaches of Chelsea and Spurs respectively went at each other with hot heads after the final whistle blew. The entire world was excited by this intense face-off between the managers and YouTuber turned boxer, Jake Paul believes the two managers need to take their fight into the ring.

Though it might be very surprising to Football fans that Jake might be paying attention to games, the fighter has been following and supporting his favorite team, Liverpool FC for quite some time now. You never know with Jake eh? In a recent tweet, Paul reacted to the tussle between Conte and Tuchel and pitches an idea to get the managers to actually fight it out. Though many would have loved to see Tuchel and Conte start throwing hands at each other, the managers were separated by Referee and players from both teams.

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Jake Paul predicts a fight between Tuchel and Conte

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte - FirstSportz
Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte

All Jake had to see was the clip of Thomas and Conte going at each other to predict who among the two managers would win a potential fight. Yesterday after the internet went nuts over the brawl between the Premier League managers, Jake posted a tweet of the fight and reacted to the incident. “Fear is clear when you don’t look at your opponent in their eyes. Tuchel would KO Conte and I would pay money to see it,” said Jake.

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Now that Jake has no fight at hand in boxing, maybe the Paul brother can go back to being the promoter for “Most Valuable Promotions”. Jake has taken over the boxing scene by a storm and has ruffled a lot of feathers in the boxing circle. The fighter now manages one of the best female boxers in Amanda Serrano. Maybe Jake can make the Conte vs Tuchel fight happen. There is no doubting this would become an instant hit among football fans.

The bigger question for fans in the football community is if Jake actually watches games or is this another one of his tricks to capture another market in sports? Hate him or love him, Jake sure knows how to get on the nerves of sports fans, which eventually makes for great entertainment.

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